Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jerica's Chatter: Aaron Carter Is Back?

It's Wednesday which means it time to review all the pop culture news that happened.  If you want to see any stories then tell me in the comments.  Let's get into it!

Justin Bieber Got Arrested:
This was probably the most talked about story.  Is anybody really shocked?  Justin Bieber was arrested for drag racing, DUI, and drugs.  Now I've been a fan since the beginning but honestly I'm disappointed.  He is just going to ruin his life and career.  Also his dad was there blocking traffic while he was drag racing.  His parents need to step up and be actual parents.  It's reported that an intervention is happening in Panama.  We'll see what happens.

Aaron Carter Has A New Single:
If you grew up during the 90's then your inner childhood is probably freaking out right now.  I know I am!  Over the weekend Aaron Carter released his single for FREE on Twitter.  Surprisingly it is really good.  The single is called That's Life.  You can listen by clicking here.  What are your thoughts?

Lance Bass Makes A Music Video:
Apparently Lance Bass thought it was a good idea to release his own music video.  I'm a huge NSYNC fan but this was not good.  There was awkward dancing and it was set in the desert and just weird.  The song has potential at least.  Sorry Lance but you'll never be Justin Timberlake.  Do you think it's a hit or miss?

The Grammy's:
Of course I must talk about The Grammys.  I thought Taylor Swift looked AMAZING and her performance was flawless.  Katy Perry performed Dark Horse and it was perfection.  Everyone loved Beyonce but I wasn't that impressed.  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had a bunch of couples get married during their performance which was touching. Lorde won a lot which honestly surprised me.  Daft Punk dominated everything which I disagree with.  I thought Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus were snubbed.  They had awesome albums.  What did you love or hate?