Sunday, November 30, 2014

My November Playlist!

I'm actually excited to be writing this post because it means Christmas is 25 days away!!!!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  We just hung out and ate lots of unhealthy food.  It was nice and relaxing.  What did you guys do?  If you want to check out last month's playlist click here.  I have SO many song obsessions this month so let's get started!  What songs are you loving?

1. Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor
I LOVE this song!  I play it all the time!  The second I heard it I was instantly hooked.  I actually like it better than her last song.  I love the video as well.  It's an extremely catchy song and I love her girl power vibe.  I'm glad she isn't a one hit wonder.  I can't wait to check out her other songs.  Favorite lyric: I know you lie Cause your lips are moving Tell me do you think I'm dumb? I might be young, but I ain't stupid Talking around in circles with your tongue I gave you bass, You gave me sweet talk
Saying how I'm your number one But I know you lie Cause your lips are moving Baby don't you know I'm done

2. Blank Space by Taylor Swift
I'm obsessed with her entire album!  This is just one of my favorites.  I love how she can make fun of herself because it shows that she doesn't care what people think.  This is by far her best video EVER!!  She goes completely crazy and I love every minute!  We all know we'd do the same thing.  I just love her!  I can't wait for her tour!  Favorite lyric: So it's gonna be forever Or it's gonna go down in flames You can tell me when it's over If the high was worth the pain Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane 'Cause you know I love the players And you love the game 'Cause we're young and we're reckless We'll take this way too far It'll leave you breathless Or with a nasty scar
Got a long list of ex-lovers They'll tell you I'm insane But I've got a blank space, baby And I'll write your name

3. Bring It All Back by S Club 7
If you were around in the late 90's then  you probably have heard of this group.  They followed the other British acts of that time.  My cousin and I were obsessed with them and their TV show!  I have had this song stuck in my head all month because they announced a reunion.  If they come to the states I would totally go see them.  Their reunion performance was a bit of a mess but it's been over 10 years.  I'm loving the comeback!  Favorite lyric: Don't stop, never give up Hold your head high and reach the top Let the world see what you have got Bring it all back to you Dream of falling in love Anything you've been thinking of When the world seems to get too tough Bring it all back to you

4. Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy by Pentatonix feat. Tori Kelly
Is it too early for Christmas music?  I don't think so!  I have loved Pentatonix for awhile now and this Christmas album is perfection!  This is just one of my favorites.  Tori Kelly is amazing as well.  They are completely acapella meaning there are no instruments.  It is incredible how they do it!  Go buy their albums you won't regret it!  Favorite lyric: Gone away is the bluebird Here to stay is the new bird He sings a love song, as we go along Walking in a winter wonderland

5. Warning by Nick Jonas
I'm back with the Nick Jonas fever!  I bought the album the day it came out and I can't stop playing it!  This was instantly my favorite song.  His sound is just so unique from everybody else right now.  It is just mature but catchy.  I love everything about him and the album.  I'm SO glad he broke away from his brothers because he needed to grow.  Favorite lyric: And I can see the warning Yeah I can see the warning, warning It’s brighter than the morning, morning Keeps trying to turn me right around And it’s all I ever wanted It’s all I ever wanted, wanted I’m breaking the warning down, down

6. God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
One thing you may not know about me is that I love the oldies.  This has always been a favorite of mine but lately it's been making a come back.  A bunch of famous celebrities covered it for BBC Music.  The best version though is from The Voice.  It was the best performance of all time!  This song just makes you feel happy.  Favorite lyric: I may not always love you But long as there are stars above you You never need to doubt it I'll make you so sure about it God only knows what I'd be without you

7. 18 by One Direction
I know it's another 1D song but I can't help it!!!!!  The album is just AMAZING!!!!!!  If you wanna see my review click here.  This is by far my favorite song.  It just has a very nostalgic feeling which I love.  Ed Sheeran helped write this and you can definitely tell.  Their new sound just fits them perfectly.  Favorite lyric: I have loved you since we were 18 Long before we both thought the same thing To be loved and to be in love All I could do is say that these arms were made for holding you
I wanna love like you made me feel when we were 18

8. Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande feat. The Weeknd
You guys know I don't typically like slow song but this has been stuck in my head all month.  Her album is really good.  It is a lot different from her first album though so I'm not sure if I love it yet.  I don't like this video at all.  It's just too sexy.  I hope she doesn't become that girl.  Favorite lyric: 'Cause if you want to keep me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder And if you really need me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder Gotta love me harder Love me, love me, love me Harder, harder, harder

9. Take Me To Church by Hozier
I wasn't sure about this song at first but now I love it!  I'm not really into rock music so it's surprising.  I will just start humming it throughout the day.  It was also performed on The Voice by Matt McAndrew.  I'm obsessed with him if you can't tell!  I was very surprised to hear this song on a Top 40 radio station but I'm happy it is.  Favorite lyric: Take me to church I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

10. Ghost by Ella Henderson
I heard this song one time and I was hooked instantly.  I didn't even know who sang it!  I always discover the best music at 3 AM when I'm trying to sleep.  She's British but that is about all I know.  I really want to check out her album if she has one. Her sound is so unique!   I am just obsessed!  Favorite lyric: I keep going to the river to pray 'Cause I need something that can wash all the pain And at most I'm sleeping all these demons away But your ghost, the ghost of you It keeps me awake


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DWTS Season 19: Who Will Win?

It's night 2 of the finals!!!!!!!!!  Tonight a winner will be crowned!  It is between Alfonso, Sadie, or Janel.  The show started with a big group number introducing the entire cast from this season.  It was a lot of fun.  Tonight the celebrities will dance one more dance which is the fusion dance.  This means two completely different dance styles fused together.  The encore freestyle dance chosen by America was Bethany's.  I still love it!  Randy danced again and looked great.  Nick Jonas performed Jealous which I LOVED!  Jonathan came back to dance with his partner plus Twitch.  Betsey also danced again.  Michael is still a mess.  Antonio looked a lot better!  Jennifer Hudson performed her new song Go All Night.  It was pretty good.  Lea was still the same.  The females pros performed and they KILLED it!  Tommy still makes me happy.  Another pro dance was performed and it was beautiful.  Bethany is still AMAZING!!!!  Meghan Trainor performed a melody of her hits and I loved it A LOT!  Sadie was up first with a Samba and Quickstep fusion.  I really liked it!  I'm impressed since she only had 24 hours.  It was just fun.  Her score was 40 of 40.  Janel was next with a Foxtrot and Paso Doble fusion.  I actually did enjoy it.  It was seamless and you couldn't even tell the transitions.  Her score was 40 of 40.  Alfonso was last with a Cha Cha and Argentine Tango fusion.  I thought it was great but I wanted more of a mixture.  I love watching him dance.  His score was 40 of 40.  It's result time!!!!  In third place is Janel.  The winner is Alfonso!!!!!!!!  This means Sadie is second.  Come back for next season!!!!!!!!


Monday, November 24, 2014

DWTS Season 19: It's Final Time!!!!!!

It's night 1 of the finals!!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow a winner will be chosen!  I'm SO excited but I'm sad it's ending.  Tonight the celebrities will be dancing two dances.  The first will be judges pick and the second will be everybody's favorite round which is freestyle.  I can't wait for this!!!!!!  Somebody will still be eliminated tonight.  The show started with a big group number which was SO good!  Make sure you vote for your favorite so they'll win!!!  Come back tomorrow for the results!

Her judges pick was her Jive from week one.  They wanted to see her transitions improve.  I loved it even more this time.  She has improved SO much!  The set malfunctioned but they pulled it together pretty well.  There were mistakes but I don't even care.  She's such an inspiration to regular girls like me.  I'm Team Mota!  Her score was 36 of 40.  It's freestyle time!  I LOVED it!  It was sharp and powerful and just perfection!  The tricks were insane!!!  She was taking over the world and I wanted more!  I love girl power!  Her score was 40 of 40.  This makes her total for the night 76.

Her judges pick was her Samba from week four.  Len was gone and he wanted to see it live.  Somehow it got even better!!  This was my favorite dance she did all season so I'm glad to see it again.  She is just amazing!  She makes me happy every week.  She has grown so much more confident.  I'm glad she made the finals.  Her score was 38 of 40.  It's freestyle time!  I loved the theme of Mario!  It totally fit her personality!  It was cute and quirky and I just fell in love with it!  I'm sad it's over!  Her score was 40 of 40.  This makes her total for the night 78.

Her judges pick was her Samba from week six.  The judges wanted to see more passion.  I still didn't like this dance.  I felt really bored.  She injured herself hours before the show so it did affect the dance.  The dance just wasn't my thing.  Hopefully I'll like her next dance better.  Her score was 37 of 40.  It's freestyle time!  It was a very beautiful dance but it was too simple for a final in my opinion.  It was pure and honest but I don't know if it was enough to win.  Her score was 40 of 40.  This makes her total for the night 77.

His judges pick was his Jive from week one.  They wanted to see how much he has improved.  This dance was AMAZING and this time it was MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!!!  It was perfection!  I can't believe he is injured and he still danced like that!  I just love him and I'm glad he is better.  His score was 40 of 40.  It's freestyle time!  He did it again!  He FREAKING killed it!  It had every single dance style!!!!!  It was old school and new school and glamorous!  I couldn't even tell he was injured AT ALL!  His score was 40 of 40.  This makes his total for the night a perfect score of 80.

Alfonso and Sadie are safe.  Janel and Bethany are in danger.  Bethany is eliminated meaning Janel is safe.  I'm SO shocked and sad!


Monday, November 17, 2014

DWTS Season 19: Unplugged Night

It's the semifinals!!!!!!!!  I can't believe finals are already next week!  This season flew by SO fast!  Tonight is also unplugged night which means the couples will be dancing to acoustic performances.  It always gets very emotional.  The show started with a group number which I loved.  The celebrities will be dancing two dances to the same song but only one will be unplugged.  Somebody will be eliminated tonight.  Make sure you vote so your favorites make it to the final.  Come back next Monday for all the finale excitement!

Last week she blacked out and forgot her steps.  Her song this week is Problem by Ariana Grande.  Her first dance was a Quickstep.  I loved it A LOT!  It had tons of content and was just fun.  I couldn't look away!  I loved how it stayed classic but modern.  I love when the choreographers do that.  Her score was 37 of 40.  Her unplugged dance is an Argentine Tango.  I loved it!  I was stunning!  Plus she danced with a prop almost the entire dance.  Her footwork was crazy good as well.  I just love her.  Her score was 37 of 40.  Her total for the night is 74.

He really appreciates his fans for getting him this far.  His song this week is Tainted Love by Soft Cell.  His first dance was Jazz.  It was entertaining.  He didn't really dance much.  His partner just kinda danced on and around him.  I do really like him I just think it's his time to go.  His score was 28 of 40.  His unplugged dance is a Rumba.  I didn't like this dance.  I felt bored and again he barely danced.  The judges were in love with it.  Maybe I just missed something.  His score was 34 of 40.  His total of the night is 62.

Her partner is having problems coming up with creative choreography.  Her song this week is I Want You Back by Jackson 5.  Her first dance was a Samba.  I loved it!  I thought it was a completely different approach that totally worked.  I really thought it was really cute and fun.  It doesn't always have to be sexy and she proved that.  Her score was 36 of 40.  Her unplugged dance is Contemporary.  This was my favorite of the night!  I was breathtaking and I cried a little.  The prop was perfect as well.  I wanted more!  Her score was 40 of 40.  Her total of the night is 76.

Her partner called in his brother in for advice.  Her song this week is Blame by Calvin Harris.  Her first dance was a Paso Doble.  I actually enjoyed it.  It was fierce and powerful.  I didn't want it to end which I never feel that way about her.  I couldn't tell who was the pro.  Her score was 40 of 40.  Her unplugged dance is an Argentine Tango.  I liked this dance also.  I didn't enjoy the lifts because I didn't think they were needed.  It would have been beautiful without them.  It had incredible passion though.  Her score was 38 of 40.  Her total of the night is 78.

He has a back injury now but he isn't quitting now.  His song this week is Love Runs Out by One Republic.  His first dance was an Argentine Tango.  It wasn't my favorite dance he has done.  I'm sure his injury was apart of that.  He is a fighter and still did an awesome job.  He sold this dance even though he was in pain.  His score was 36 of 40.  His unplugged dance is Contemporary.  This was SO much better than the first!  I couldn't even tell he was injured.  It had a ton of intensity and passion.  I'm glad he made a comeback.  His score was 39 of 40.   His total of the night is 75.

Alfonso, Janel, and Bethany are safe.  Sadie and Tommy are in danger.  Tommy is eliminated meaning Sadie will be in the finals.


FOUR Review!

You guys already know I'm slightly obsessed with One Direction.  By slightly obsessed I mean TOTALLY obsessed so you probably aren't surprised that I'm reviewing their newest album FOUR.  This is their fourth album hence the title.  I LOVE it so much!  Their sound has just evolved so much since the beginning and I'm glad.  Not that I don't love their older music, it's just a lot more mature now instead of typical boyband pop music.  I'm also loving their looks now.  The guys wrote most of the songs on this album which also makes it more personal for us fans.  I bought the ultimate edition which features 4 additional songs.  This is probably my favorite album so far.  It has a good mixture of slow and fast songs.  I'm not typically a fan of slow songs but I just can't resist these boys!  My favorites right now are 18, Night Changes, Change Your Ticket, and Illusion.  My favorite lyrics for each song are below.  I can't wait to see these songs live on their tour.  It's gonna SO much fun!  Did any of you buy the album?  What are your favorite songs?

1. Steal My Girl: I don't exist If I don't have her The sun doesn't shine, The world doesn't turn, Alright (alright)

2. Ready To Run: There's a future in my life I can't foresee Unless, of course, I stay on course and keep you next to me There will always be the kind that criticize But I know, yes, I know we'll be alright

3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go: So I built you a house from a broken home And I wrote you a song with the words you spoke Yeah, it took me some time but I figured out How to fix up a heart that I let down Now I'm searching every lonely place Every corner calling out your name Tryna find you but I just don't know Where do broken hearts go?

4. 18: I have loved you since we were 18 Long before we both thought the same thing To be loved and to be in love All I can do is say that these arms were made for holding you I wanna love like you made me feel when we were 18

5. Girl Almighty: Let's have another toast to the girl almighty Let's pray we stay young Stay made of lightning

6. Fool's Gold: I'm like a crow on a wire You're the shining distraction that makes me fly home I'm like a boat on the water You're the raise on the waves that calm my mind

7. Night Changes: We're only getting older, baby And I've been thinking about it lately Does it ever drive you crazy Just how fast the night changes? Everything that you've ever dreamed of Disappearing when you wake up But there's nothing to be afraid of Even when the night changes
It will never change me and you

8. No Control: Waking up Beside you I’m a loaded gun I can't contain this anymore I'm all yours, I've got no control, no control Powerless And I don't care it's obvious I just can't get enough of you The pedal's down, my eyes are closed No control

9. Fireproof: 'Cause nobody knows you, baby, the way I do, And nobody loves you, baby, the way I do, It's been so long, it's been so long, maybe you are fireproof, 'Cause nobody saves me, baby, the way you do

10. Spaces: Who's gonna be the first one to start the fight? Who's gonna be the first one to fall asleep at night? Who's gonna be the last one to drive away? Who's gonna be the last one to forget this place?

11. Stockholm Syndrome: Who’s this man that’s holding your hand And talking ‘bout your eyes?Used to sing about being free but now he’s changed his mind

12. Clouds: Someday You’re gonna see the things that I see You’re gonna want air that I breathe
You’re gonna wish you never left me Here we go again Another go round for all of my friends Another night stop will it ever end Here we go again Another go round for all of my friends
Another night stop will it ever end If we’re never coming back down Yeah we’re looking down on the cloud

13. Change Your Ticket: And you say, It's hard to keep a secret Girl, don't leave me all alone in this hotel And these shades hide us from the streets, yeah one weekend, I promise that I'll never tell

14. Illusion: I been thinking about the nights And the dangerous tricks People play on the eyes of the innocent I can turn a lot of hearts into Breaks with smoke and Mirrors disappearing Right in front of them

15. Once In A Lifetime: Somehow it feels like nothing has changed Right now my heart is beating the same out loud someone's calling my name It sounds like you

16. Act My Age: When I can hardly walk and my hair is falling out We'll still stay up till morning We'll throw an after-party


Thursday, November 13, 2014

20 Facts About Me

Hey everybody!  Sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately.  School is almost over so we have a bunch of work to do.  If you have any posts you'd like to see me do you can email me here or tweet me at @jerica_89.  A few days ago I was tagged to do 20 Facts About Me.  It has been awhile since I did one so I thought I would do it today.  I hope you enjoy!

  1. I really want a tattoo but I'm deathly afraid of needles.
  2. I watch WAY too much TV.
  3. Taylor Swift is pretty much my idol.  I just love everything about her.
  4. I'm obsessed with boybands.
  5. Someday I want to go to Europe.
  6. I can be very impulsive at times.
  7. I have Muscular Dystrophy but I never let that define me.
  8. I wasn't allowed to go to concerts until I was 13 and now I'm addicted.
  9. I own over 200 DVD's.
  10. I taught myself to read.
  11. I have seen every Friends episode more than once but it never gets old.
  12. My favorite holiday's are Halloween, Christmas, and 4th Of July.
  13. I'm the middle child.
  14. I collect snow globes.
  15. I can play The Sims for hours and hours at a time.
  16. One day I hope I meet One Direction because I love them.
  17. The Great Gatsby is my all time favorite book.
  18. I love anything about JFK.
  19. I've never broken a bone.
  20. Elephants are my favorite animal.


Monday, November 10, 2014

DWTS Season 19: America's Choice

It's week 9!  Everybody will be dancing two dances this week.  Tonight is all about the choices America has made.  America voted on what dance style, song, wardrobe, and hair styles the celebrities will be dancing to and wearing.  Also it's trio dance time!  The celebrities will get to dance with their partner and another pro dancer.  Sometimes it's amazing and sometimes not so much.  I can't wait to see what happens.  One celebrity will be eliminated tonight.  Make sure you vote for your favorites and come back next Monday for more!

America voted for a Foxtrot to Ain't That A Kick In The Head by Robbie Williams.  I really loved it.  It was classic but still modern.  His hold really improved from before.  I liked the balance of in hold and not in hold.  His footwork still needs a little more but overall it was smooth and entertaining.  He is just great.  His score was 37 of 40.  His trio dance was a Paso Doble featuring the pro Lindsay.  OMG it was INSANE!!!!!!!!!!  It was by far my favorite dance!  He just KILLED it!  It was perfection!  His score was 40 of 40.  His total of the night was 70.

America voted for a Viennese Waltz to Trouble by Ray LaMontagne.  He improved a lot from last week.  It was so simple and elegant.  He just makes me smile each time.  He was injured and it barely showed.  There was a slight trip but nobody cared because he just makes you happy.  His score was 29 of 40.  His trio dance was a Samba featuring pro Sharna.  There wasn't much dancing but very entertaining.  I laughed a lot so that's good.  His score was 28 of 40.  His total of the night was 57.

America voted for a Samba to Animals by Maroon 5.  I have to admit I was bored watching this.  Her confidence was 100% there.  I wanted more fun and fierceness.  Every dance just feels the same to me.  She needs to step it up or she won't last long.  Her score was 34 of 40.  Her trio dance was a Paso Doble featuring the pro Henry.  I still wasn't a fan.  It felt messy and lacked passion.  The judges loved it but I just didn't.  Her score was 36 of 40.  Her total of the night was 70.

America voted for a Viennese Waltz to Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware.  It was wonderful!  I got a little teary eyed.  It was full of emotion and I felt every single one.  It was gorgeous! She just keeps growing each week.  I just love her!  Her score was 36 of 40.  Her trio dance was an Argentine Tango featuring the pro Tony.  This dance was SO good!  It was just so powerful.  It was flawless!  She is so dynamic!  Her score was 38 of 40.  Her total of the night was 74.

America voted for a Jive to 1 2 3 Turnaround by Christian TV.  I loved it.  I loved how classic it was.  Jive is my favorite style.  She is pretty tall so it wasn't as fluid as it should be.  It doesn't matter though because her personality shines through.  She is just amazing.  Her score was 33 of 40.  Her trio dance was a Foxtrot featuring the pro Emma.  It was perfection!  It was SO beautiful and you couldn't tell who was the pro.  It was completely and honestly flawless.  Her score was 40 of 40.  Her total of the night was 73.

America voted for a Quickstep to Hey Boy! Hey Girl! by Louis Prima and Keely Smith.  She did very good.  Her partner messed up but nobody cared because she just kept going.  I loved the concept.  I'm not really a fan of hers though.  I feel like she is too confident.  She just hasn't grown on me.  Her score was 38 of 40.  Her trio dance was a Salsa featuring the pro Keo.  This was better but I wanted more Salsa moves.  It also had too many tricks for me.  It was good though.  Her score was 39 of 40.  Her total of the night was 77.

Tommy, Alfonso, Bethany, and Janel are safe.  Lea and Sadie are in danger.  Lea is eliminated meaning Sadie will be back next week.


Friday, November 7, 2014

♥The "Me Time" Tag♥

You may or may not know that I'm obsessed with YouTube but I especially love tag videos.  So when I saw this tag I knew I must do it.  This is The "Me Time" Tag which is all about what you do when you just want to be alone.  We all have those days where we don't want to be bothered.  I did add a few of my own questions as well.  I want to know your answers!  If you do this tag tweet the link to me @jerica_89.  Let's get started!

What do you watch during me-time?

Typically I try to catch up on TV shows I'm behind on.  If I'm all caught up then I go for my favorite series.  I love One Tree Hill SOOOO much!  I've probably seen every episode at least 20 times.  I wish it was still on!  If I want something with less drama then I go for a classic which is Friends.  No matter how many times you've seen an episode I still laugh every time!

What do you read during me-time?
It just depends on what book I'm currently reading.  Right now I'm rereading The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks.  All his books are excellent to read.  I would also recommend Sunday's At Tiffany's by James Patterson.  I couldn't put it down!

What do you wear during me-time?
I am all about the comfort!  Sweatpants are always a must.  Also a baggy sweater/shirt because nobody wants tight clothing while relaxing.

What are your me-time beauty products?
I don't really use a lot of beauty products.  I do love a good face scrub though.  My favorite is Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit foaming scrub.  I've been using this for years.  I really like that it has exfoliating beads.  Its so refreshing!

Current favorite nail polish?
I love a good glitter polish.  For my birthday my sister bought me a color called Pride by Sinful Colors.  I've been wearing it SO much lately because it just reminds me of the holidays.

What do you eat/drink during me-time?
I am a sweet addict!  My downfall is cake so I always have that around.  My drink depends on the time of year.  Right now I've been drinking hot chocolate.  I've been trying to drink coffee but its just not my thing.

Current favorite candle?
I don't have a current favorite but I do have a favorite candle.  I love Garden Rain which is from Walmart.  It smells exactly like when you go outside after a rain storm.  That is my favorite smell of all time.  It's very refreshing and brings back a lot of memories.

Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
I love being outside.  Right now it's too cold but during the warmer months I go out a lot.  I like to just sit outside and read.  It's very relaxing.

Would you ever go see a movie alone?
Of course!  I see nothing wrong with it especially because I want to see movie other people don't.  Besides you can't chat during it anyway.

Favorite online shop?
I'm obsessed with Delias!  If you wait long enough you can get really great deals.  Sign up for their newsletter because then send codes for discounts all the time.  The quality is amazing as well.

Favorite me-time movie?
I like movies that make me cry.  Then if somebody sees me I can just blame the film.  I REALLY love A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, and Dirty Dancing.  They are classics.

Do you listen to music or prefer silence?
I play music pretty much 24/7.  If I'm having a bad day then I always listen to my Taylor Swift or One Direction playlists.  It brightens my day instantly.

How often do you have me-time?
I would say at least once a week.  I do homework all week so I really like unwinding on a Saturday night.  It's important to make time for yourself.


Monday, November 3, 2014

DWTS Season 19: Dynamic Duo Night!

Welcome to week 8!  Tonight's theme is Dynamic Duos.  The couples will be dancing as some of the must famous duos.  This week is also dance off time.  Each couple, except the highest scoring of the night, will get on the floor and dance off against each other.  The judges will decide who wins the the dance off and gets more points added to their scores.  The highest scoring of the night will be immune from elimination.  It always gets a little crazy!  One couple will be eliminated tonight.  Make sure you vote for your favorites and tune in next week for more!

Their dynamic duo is Bonnie and Clyde.  This week she danced Jazz.  I enjoyed it but I didn't love it.  Bonnie and Clyde were outlaws and this was too nice.  It needed to be gritty and raw.  Her timing was great but the concept just failed.  Her confidence is finally back though.  It was missed so I'm happy for her.  Her score was 32 of 40.

Their dynamic duo is Tarzan and Jane.  This week he danced the Foxtrot.  I thought this was one of his better dances.  I don't think he is where he should be at this point.  It had a lot more content than he typically has.  It looked pretty at parts though.  I'm glad he tries so hard because it shows he really cares.  His score was 25 of 40.

Their dynamic duo is Romeo and Juliet.  This week she danced Contemporary.  I really liked this dance.  It was beautiful and romantic.  It really captured the love story of Romeo and Juliet.  It felt like nobody was in the room.  My only critique was that it had a few too many lifts for my liking.  Other than that it was breathtaking.  Her score was 40 of 40.

Their dynamic duo is Johnny and June Carter Cash.  This week he danced the Paso Doble.  I'm so sad and disappointed.  He messed up quite a lot.  It was just all over the place.  It also lacked the emotion it needed.  I understand he is the oldest person on the show but he needs to work harder.  I still love him though.  I don't want him to go yet.  His score was 26 of 40.

Their dynamic duo is Adam and Eve.  This week she danced Contemporary.  This dance was phenomenal!  The story was perfection!  It fit her SO well because of what she stands for. She was just so mature and I believed it all.  I feel like it had a ton of passion which is super important.  I wanted more!  Her score was 38 of 40.

Their dynamic duo is Batman and Robin.  This week he danced the Cha Cha.  He did an awesome job!  It was just so much fun.  He had the hardest story to convey and I think he really pulled it off.  He can really do no wrong.  Everything he does is pretty much perfection.  I'm definitely a fan.  His score was 38 of 40.

Their dynamic duo is Ricky and Lucy from I Love Lucy.  This week she danced the Salsa.  I loved this SO much!  I had so much energy and a ton of content.  I liked how it barely had any tricks or gimmicks.  It was just straight up Salsa.  I appreciate that.  She just blows me away every week.  Her score was 37 of 40.

The Dance Off:
Alfonso vs. Lea: They danced the Jive.  If I had to pick I would choose Alfonso because it had lots of energy and content.  Lea made obvious mistakes.  The judges picked Alfonso as the winner.  He gets 3 extra points added to their score.

Sadie vs. Bethany: They danced the Cha Cha.  If I had to pick I would choose Bethany because it had more content that I liked.  They were pretty evenly matched though.  The judges were tied so Len made the decision which was Bethany.  She gets 3 extra points added to her score.

Tommy vs. Michael: They danced the Rumba.  If I had to pick I would choose Tommy because it was smooth and romantic.  Michael was just messy.  The judges picked Tommy as the winner.  He gets 3 extra points added to their score.

Janel won immunity and can't be eliminated.  Alfonso, Bethany, Sadie, and Lea are safe.  Michael and Tommy are in danger.  Michael is eliminated meaning Tommy will be back next week.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Movie Review: Begin Again

I have been wanting to see this film for awhile now and this weekend I finally did.  If you are a music lover you will totally fall in love with it.  It has an indie movie vibe but has a pretty well known cast such as Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightly, and Adam Levine.  When I first heard about the film I was mostly interested in the fact Adam Levine was in it.  It is SO much more than that though.  It's a story about a music producer whose life is a mess until he hears Greta singing in a bar.  She has just left her rockstar boyfriend and is trying to find herself.  In the process she helps more than that.  I can't give much else away!  The soundtrack is incredible as well!  My sister and I had it on repeat months ago before we even watched it.  You will definitely want to buy it!  This movie is good for girls or guys although girls will probably like the story line better.  I would watch this movie while having a girls night in.  Girls you will probably shed a tear or two though.  I'm so glad I bought this on DVD.  I just want to watch it again and again.  Have you seen this film?  Tell me your thoughts!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

1989 Review!

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for a new Taylor Swift album.  I've been a HUGE Swiftie since the very beginning.  I wanted to have this post up way earlier but every time I went to buy it they were sold out!  I bought the physical copy because I wanted the Polaroids with handwritten lyrics on them.  This album is her first album that is strictly pop.  She transitioned perfectly!  I think it was an excellent move for her career.  She can do so much more with this style.  I love how it is mature but younger girls can still relate.  She didn't have to be somebody different, she stayed true to herself which most artists don't do.  That is why I love her because she just doesn't care what anyone says about her.  The title is the year she was born which I was too.  It does have a slight 80's/techno vibe and I love every part of it!  I'm mostly excited to see how the tour will be because I know it's coming soon.  So far my favorite song is Blank Space.  I'll leave my favorite lyrics from each track because I just love her lyrics.  Overall if you want a good solid strictly pop album then go buy this ASAP!  Did you buy it?  What songs are you loving?  Tell me your thoughts!

1. Welcome To New York: Walking through a crowd, the village is aglow Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats Everybody here wanted something more Searching for a sound we hadn't heard before

2. Blank Space: So it's gonna be forever Or it's gonna go down in flames You can tell me when it's over If the high was worth the pain Got a long list of ex-lovers They'll tell you I'm insane 'Cause you know I love the players And you love the game 'Cause we're young and we're reckless We'll take this way too far It'll leave you breathless Or with a nasty scar Got a long list of ex-lovers They'll tell you I'm insane But I've got a blank space, baby And I'll write your name

3. Style: You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye And I got that red lip classic thing that you like And when we go crashing down, we come back every time 'Cause we never go out of style We never go out of style

4. Out Of The Woods: Remember when you hit the brakes too soon? Twenty stitches in the hospital room When you started cryin', baby, I did, too But when the sun came up, I was lookin' at you Remember when we couldn't take the heat I walked out and said, "I'm settin' you free," But the monsters turned out to be just trees And when the sun came up, you were lookin' at me

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay: Here you are now, calling me up, but I don't know what to say I've been picking up the pieces of the mess you made People like you always want back the love they pushed aside But people like me are gone forever when you say goodbye

6. Shake It Off:  My ex-man brought his new girlfriend She's like "Oh, my god!" but I'm just gonna shake. And to the fella over there with the hella good hair Won't you come on over, baby? We can shake, shake, shake

7. I Wish You Would: I wish you would come back Wish I never hung up the phone like I did I wish you knew that I'll never forget you as long as I live, I Wish you were right here, right now, it's all good, I wish you would I wish we could go back And remember what we were fighting for I wish you knew that I miss you too much to be mad anymore Wish you were right here, right now, it's all good, I wish you would

8. Bad Blood: Did you think we’d be fine, still got scars on my back from your knife So don’t think it's in the past, these kinda wounds they last and they last Did you think it all through; all these things will catch up to you And time can heal but this won't, so if you’re coming my way just don’t Oh, it’s so sad to, think about the good times, you and I

9. Wildest Dreams: But this is getting good now He's so tall and handsome as hell He's so bad but he does it so well And when we've had our very last kiss My last request is Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset Babe Red lips and rosy cheeks say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams oh wildest dreams oh ah, wildest dreams

10. How You Get The Girl: Stand there like a ghost shaking from the rain (rain). She'll open up the door and say "Are you insane ('ane)?" Say it's been a long 6 months And you were too afraid to tell her what you want. And that's how it works. That's how you get the girl. And then you say. I want you for worse or for better, I would wait forever and ever, Broke your heart, I'll put it back together.
I would wait forever and ever.

11. This Love: Your kiss, my cheek, I watched you leave Your smile, my ghost, I fell to my knees
When you're young you just run But you come back to what you need This love is good, this love is bad This love is alive back from the dead These hands had to let it go free And this love came back to me

12. I Know Places: You stand with your hand on my waist line It's a scene and we're out here in plain sight I can hear them whisper as we pass by It's a bad sign, bad sign Something happens when everybody finds out See the vultures circling dark clouds Love's a fragile little flame, it could burn out It could burn out

13. Clean: There was nothing left to do And the butterflies turned to dust they covered my whole room So I punched a hole in the roof Let the flood carry away all my pictures of you The water filled my lungs, I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing Rain came pouring down when I was drowning That's when I could finally breathe And by morning, gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean