Saturday, February 28, 2015

My February Playlist!

Can you believe February is over already?  It went too quick!  On the plus side it means that Spring is just around the corner.  I am over Winter!  It also means that it's time for another playlist.  You can check out last month's right here.  There were SO many good songs that I discovered this month.  I hope you enjoy!  What songs are you loving?

1. New Flame by Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross
I have been obsessed with this song for awhile!  I finally found the name of it and wrote it down.  It is such a catchy song!  I'm glad Chris Brown is going back to the music he makes best.  Plus adding in Usher was a clever and smart move.  I can't get enough!  Favorite lyric: Who said you can't find love in the club? 'Cause I wanna tell them they're wrong Come on, just, baby, try a new thing And let's spark a new flame You gon' be my baby Love me, love you crazy Tell me if you're ready Baby, come and get it Try a new thing And let's spark a new flame

2. Somebody by Natalie La Rose feat. Jeremih
This song is my current obsession!  I have it on repeat constantly!  When I first heard it, I felt a 90's vibe and then the video confirmed it.  You don't know how happy I am that the style and music from the 90's are making a comeback.  This song is my jam!  Hopefully her other music is just as good.  Favorite lyric: I wanna rock with somebody (whoah yeah) I wanna take shots with somebody (shots, shots, shots, shots)  I wanna leave with somebody (somebody, comm'on, comm'on) And we ain't gonna tell nobody, we ain't gonna tell nobody (nobody)

3. Outside by Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding
I am a big fan of slightly techno music which this song delivers.  It really makes me wish it were Summer.  It would be the perfect anthem!  I love to play this every morning to wake me up and get ready for the day.  Everybody needs a song like that in their lives.  Favorite lyric: Now I'm holding on Myself was never enough for me Gotta be so strong There's a power in what you do Now every other day I'll be watching you I'll show you what it feels like Now I'm on the outside We did everything right Now I'm on the outside

4. Show 'Em (What You're Made Of) by Backstreet Boys
I've been loving their movie which has the same title.  You can check out my review here.  I just really love the message and meaning of this song.  Don't ever be afraid to show your true colors.  If people don't love you for you then they aren't worth it.  Favorite lyric: Gloves are off Ready to fight Like a lion I will survive Will I? Will I? You gotta stand for something Even if you stand alone don’t be afraid It’s gonna be alright

5. FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney
You guys I tried SO hard to hate this song!  I'm not the biggest fan of her and I definitely hate him.  Somehow this song just embedded itself in my brain.  I know a lot of people who hate it but I can't stop humming along.  I'm still not a fan though!  Favorite lyric: Woke up an optimist Sun was shinin', I'm positive Then I heard you was talkin' trash Hold me back, I'm 'bout to spaz

6. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding
I went through a bit of an Ellie Goulding phase this month.  I was obsessed with her music for awhile and I must be obsessed again.  I just love her sound and how different it is from anybody else.  She is just amazing!  I hope more music comes out soon.  Favorite lyric: Fading in, fading out On the edge of paradise Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I've got to find Only you can set my heart on fire, on fire Yeah, I'll let you set the pace 'Cause I'm not thinking straight My head's spinning around I can't see clear no more What are you waiting for?

7. Bright by Echosmith
This is a song I discovered at 3 AM.  I've determined that's when all the best songs are played.  When I heard it I honestly thought it was Taylor Swift.  I was shocked when I found out who it was because it sounds nothing like them.  I'm loving it!  Favorite lyric: Did you see that shooting star tonight Were you dazzled by the same constellation? Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me? I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right 'Cause now I'm shining bright, so bright Bright, so bright

8. Style by Taylor Swift
I know what you are thinking, I've had a Taylor Swift song on my playlist for the last four months.  I just can't help it!  Her album is just that good!  This song has been in my head all month.  I'm also loving the video.  I love everything she does honestly.  Favorite lyric: So it goes He can't keep his wild eyes on the road Takes me home Lights are off, he's taking off his coat I say, "I heard, oh, that you've been out and about with some other girl, some other girl." He says, "What you've heard is true but I Can't stop thinking about you," and I I said, "I've been there too a few times."

9. Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson
She is back!  I was a huge fan back in the day but then her sound changed.  I'm glad she has found her way back.  I sing this song all the time.  It's SO good and now I want to check out her new album.  Favorite lyric: This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it Been so long I forgot how to turn it up up up up all night long Oh up up all night long This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna play it Turned it on But I know you can take it up up up up all night long Oh up up all night long

10. Outside My Window by Sarah Buxton
I've loved this song for awhile but I rediscovered this song on my iTunes.  Every time I'm in a terrible mood I listen to it.  It's just a happy uplifting song.  It's a country song which a lot of people don't know I listen to.  You will love it!  Favorite lyric: Still need stars when you're wishin' at night A best friend to set you right A good laugh, a warm bath And a beautiful song you can sing along to Good news that'll make you cry All the little things that money can't buy  No wars, no more Just a big rainbow outside my window


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dancing With The Stars: Season 20 Cast Reveal!

It's that time again!  If you have followed this blog for awhile you know I love Dancing With The Stars.  I recap every episode right here.  Today the new cast was announced!  There was a huge shock as well.  Derek Hough WILL be back!  I'm super happy because I love him a lot.  I'm not overly thrilled with this casting but maybe they will grow on me.  Here they are!












Who are you rooting for?  DWTS starts on March 16 on ABC.  Subscribe to this blog for recaps!


Quiz Tuesday: Which HGTV Show Should You Appear On?

Happy Tuesday!  Some of you may not know I'm a TV addict.  I watch WAY too much TV and one of my biggest guilty pleasure is HGTV.  I just spend entire days watching it.  It's like a vortex.  That's why I chose today's quiz.  It is called Which HGTV Show Should You Appear On?  I can't wait to see what I get.  You can take the quiz here.  Make sure you share your results!

I got House Hunters!  The description says: You love to sneak a peak around your friends’ and neighbors’ homes at every chance you get, so why not just go on House Hunters? You’re a decisive person who knows what they want (hardwood floors, obvs) but is never too rash in your decision making. Sure, you can sometimes be a bit stubborn when it comes to getting your way, but who isn’t every once in a while?

The description fits quite nicely.  I'm very stubborn but I can be persuaded if I need to be.  I'm slightly sad I didn't get The Property Brothers but I still like the results.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Movie Review: The Theory Of Everything

I have been waiting to see this movie for forever!  The minute I saw the trailer I knew I had to see it.  I highly HIGHLY recommend that everybody see this film!  It is the best film I have seen in a long time.  It will change your entire outlook on life.

If you don't know what this movie is about, it's about the story of Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane.  To be honest, I didn't really know much about him before I watched this.  I loved every moment.  The acting by Eddie Redmayne was fantastic!  I can only imagine how hard he must have studied.  Plus he looked like he actually had ALS.  Hawking was diagnosed in the early 60's and given only two years to live.  This just proves that doctors are not always right.

I looked at the film with two different perspectives.  One as a person who is fighting a disease myself and the other as a caregiver.  I never let my disease define me as I talked about here.  His mentality to never give up was inspiring.  My mom took care of me plus my two sisters for 11 years before I came to a care facility.  I really felt for his wife because she took care of him plus their kids.  I don't want to give too much away though!

Have any of you watched?  Let me know your thoughts!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3 Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair In 5 Minutes Or Less

I recently cut my hair short.  I was pretty freaked out because I went a bit shorter than I had planned.  So I asked my cousin, who is also my hair stylist, how to style my hair.  I'm going to share 3 easy hairstyles that I do that literally take 5 minutes or less.  If you have any ideas let me know!

Beach Waves:
I really wish it was summer right now!  Instead I just made my hair look like beachy summer waves.  All you need is a spray.  I use the Aussie Sprunch Spray.  It is only about $4 at most drugstores and it still leaves your hair smooth.  All you do is spray on your damp hair and grab hair to scrunch it.  That's all!

Bouncy Curls:
I was worried that I couldn't curl my hair now but I found a way.  Use the biggest size barrel of curling wand you have.  Curl every other section of your hair.  This will give you bouncy curls and tons of volume.  Use hairspray to make it hold.

Halo Braid:
This is my favorite one.  On each side of your head braid a section of hair and secure with an elastic.  Then move both braids around to the back of your head and secure them together with bobby pins.  This is perfect for mornings when you are in a hurry.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: Which Spice Girls Song Captures The Theme Of Your Life Right Now?

Happy Tuesday!  I have to say I've been a Spice Girl fan for about 90% of my life.  So when I saw this quiz, I knew I had to take it!  It is Which Spice Girls Song Captures The Theme Of Your Life Right Now?  I'm interested to see what I get because I'm at a weird point in my life right now.  You can take the quiz here.  Share your results in the comments!

I got Spice Up Your Life.  The description says: Hey, you. You’re an energetic, empowered individual who’s living your life in a positive, carefree way. Your enthusiasm and fun-loving nature are your best assets, and you know that good times and chill people are the ~spice~ of life. All of that makes this the perfect song for you. It’s an anthem for the people of the world, after all. Now go on and shake it to the right, because you KNOW that you feel fine.

I really like this description.  It really does fit me and my personality.  Plus I'm obsessed with that song.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep

To be honest, I've had this book for about 3 years.  I started reading it but then I sort of forgot about it.  I finally finished it so I thought I'd do a review.

Here is the excerpt from Goodreads: As I sleep, my mind will erase everything I did today. I will wake up tomorrow as I did this morning. Thinking I'm still a child, thinking I have a whole lifetime of choice ahead of me... Memories define us. So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep? Your name, your identity, your past, even the people you love--all forgotten overnight. And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story.  Welcome to Christine's life.

I could not put this book down!  It is a mystery/thriller.  Many twists happen that you never really expect.  I don't usually read these books but I enjoyed it a lot.  The concept was just so different.  Also just when you think you know the ending, it takes a completely different turn!  I can't say much without ruining it!  Have you read it?  Let me know your thoughts!


Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Movies To Watch For Valentine's Day

Welcome to day 5 of my Valentine's Day week posts.  There will be a new Valentine's Day themed post every day this week.  It's the last day!!!  Today I'm going to share 5 Movies To Watch For Valentine's Day.  As you are reading this, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out.  So I'll be laying in bed watching all these!  Wish me luck!

This is an obvious choice!  This movie has tons of actors so it will be easy for everyone to watch.  I love how every storyline connects.

This movie is so underrated!  It's funny but also romantic.  The ending completely surprised me but in a good way.  Plus Ryan Gosling is shirtless.

I'm obsessed with this movie!  It's kinda cheesy but SO cute and fun.  This was my go to movie in high school.

This was my childhood!  I watched it about 100 times a day.  If I want a good cry I always reach for this.

I love this movie SOO much!  The book is really good too.  The story is just romantic and Zac Efron looks like heaven.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

3 DIY Face Masks

Welcome to day 4 of my Valentine's Day week posts.  There will be a new Valentine's Day themed post every day this week.  Today's post may not seem very Valentine's but it does.  I'm going to share 3 different DIY face masks.  They are all natural and made with items you already have.  You want your skin to look and feel good before your date.  You could also have a spa night with a bunch of your girlfriends.  Tweet me a picture if you try any of these!

Oatmeal Honey Mask:
Combine 1/2 cup hot water and 1/3 cup oatmeal. After the water and oatmeal have settled for two or three minutes, mix in 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey, and 1 small egg white. Apply a thin layer of the mask to your face, and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. (Make sure you place a strainer in your sink to avoid clogging the drain)

Yogurt Orange Juice Mask:
Mix 1 teaspoon plain yogurt with the juice from 1/4 slice of orange, some of the orange pulp, and 1 teaspoon aloe. Leave the mixture on your face for at least five minutes before rinsing it off.

Guacamole Mask:
Mash 1/2 of a ripe avocado with 2 tablespoons of honey and apply to the face. Let sit 20+ minutes and rinse well.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cooking Corner: Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Welcome to day 3 of my Valentine's Day week posts.  There will be a new Valentine's Day themed post every day this week.  Today I'm sharing an amazing recipe I found on Pinterest.  I love anything that is red velvet.  So we'll be making Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies.  You could give them as gifts or just eat them all yourself.  That is probably what I'm going to do.  Tweet me a picture if you try these out!

What you'll need:
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 Tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp cornstarch
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp distilled white vinegar
1 large egg
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 tsp red food coloring
3/4 cup white chocolate chips, divided

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a mixing bowl whisk together flour, cocoa powder, cornstarch, baking powder and salt, set aside.

In the bowl of an electric stand mixer whip together butter, sugar and vinegar until pale and fluffy, about 3 - 4 minutes.

Mix in egg. Add in vanilla and red food coloring and mix until blended.

With mixer set on low speed, slowly add in dry ingredients and mix just until combined. Mix in white chocolate chips.

Scoop dough out by the heaping tablespoonfuls and shape into balls. Transfer to parchment paper lined baking sheets and bake in preheated oven 9 - 11 minutes.

After you take the cookies out, push in some extra white chocolate chips on top.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

Welcome to day 2 of my Valentine's Day week posts.  There will be a new Valentine's Day themed post every day this week.  Today I thought I would do a gift guide.  This is for guys who aren't sure what to buy for their girlfriends.  It's also for us girls who just want to buy ourselves a gift.  Let's be honest, single girls rule too!  You could even give them to your best friend.  Let's get started!  What do you guys want?

This is the Fuji Instax Mini 8.  I'm obsessed with these!  It is a Polaroid camera which I'm glad are coming back.  The picture instantly comes out right after you take it.  It has an amazing variety of colors!  Personally I'm loving the baby pink.  It is a bit pricey at $70 but I think it's totally worth it.  It makes your photos so vintage and just cool!

You may sense a theme right now.  This is the Crosley Cruiser Turntable.  Record players are making a comeback.  My dad had a vintage one that I would play all the time.  The music just sounds so raw and real.  There are many colors to choose from as well.  The price is $80 but I think that is a great price.  You won't regret it!

This the perfect gift idea for somebody who want to stay healthy.  This is an Edible Arrangement.  I think these are perfect for any occasion.  They are made fresh and I like that you can add chocolate.  Nothing beats fruit and chocolate!  The price ranges from $35 to $679 depending on what size you'd like.  I highly recommend it!

You can never go wrong with jewelry.  This is a Slim Bar Pendant.  I have been loving simple pieces lately.  I like being able to wear my jewelry with any outfit so this is perfect.  It comes in gold, rose gold, and silver.  This is $34 which is a bargain.  Especially since it is the perfect stable piece.

I love perfume.  This is the One Direction You & I perfume.  Their perfumes always smell SO amazing!  You can choose any one that you want.  This one costs $50 but trust me it will last a really long time.  If you don't know what kind of perfume the person likes, just buy a sample set.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Welcome to day 1 of my Valentine's Day week posts.  There will be a new Valentine's Day themed post every day this week.  Today I wanted to give you some date ideas.  I tried to come up with things you could do with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or just your friends.  If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments!

-Go Bowling
-Cook Together
-Have A Picnic
-Movie Night
-Go To Dinner
-Take A Roadtrip
-Have A Bonfire
-Go On A Hike
-Visit A Zoo
-Throw A Dinner Party


Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Day Series!

Hey guys!  Today I'm announcing a Valentine's Day Series!  Starting Monday I will be doing a whole week Valentine's Day themed posts.  If you have any suggestions of what you'd like to see, leave me a comment.  I really hope you enjoy it!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Movie Review: The Judge

It has been snowing like crazy here in Nebraska.  So I have been using this time to catch up on movies.  This week I watched The Judge.

I'm not sure how to describe it without giving too much away.  This is what IMDB says: Big city lawyer Hank Palmer returns to his childhood home where his father, the town's judge, is suspected of murder. Hank sets out to discover the truth and, along the way, reconnects with his estranged family.  I fell absolutely in love with with this movie!

I had very high expectations for this film.  Every one in my family had nothing but great things to say about it.  It totally lived up to the hype!  It was very emotional so prepare yourselves.  I feel like I learned so much about myself as well.  I can't give examples or else it will give it away.  This is one of the best films I've seen in awhile!  Have you seen it?  Share your thoughts!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: Which Throwback Song Should You Jam To?

Happy Tuesday!  I've been listening to a lot of old school songs lately.  So I thought why not take this quiz.  It is called Which Throwback Song Should You Jam To?  I hope I get a good song!  You can take the quiz here.  Tell me your results in the comments!

I got “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.  The description says You need some motivation in your life and this is the hyped up crazy song you need. When everyone hears this, they’ll know that shit is about to go down. Play this, jam out to mom’s spaghetti, and then go do whatever you gotta do. Slim Shady’s got your back now.

I'm very happy with these results.  You guys may not know that I'm a HUGE Eminem fan.  I played this song pretty much daily in high school.  I agree 100%!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Going Back To School?

I have made a decision...I'm going back to school!  I graduated in December with a degree in Computer Science.  I wasn't going to go on to get my Bachelor's.  I just wanted a break.  Then my little sister convinced me.  She wanted me to go to her college with her.  So I applied and got in.  I will be studying Digital Marketing.  I've always loved marketing so I can't wait!  I start in March!  Wish me luck!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Movie Review: Backstreet Boys Show 'Em What You're Made Of

I'm super excited for this review!  It is a documentary called Backstreet Boys Show 'Em What You're Made Of.  I've been waiting for this film since March.  It was totally worth the wait!

You may not know this but I've been a fan for 17 years.  This is by far the best celebrity documentary that I've ever seen!  It follows the making of their new album plus they look back on the 20 years together.  It was so raw and real.  It had loads of unseen footage which I loved.  I knew most of their story since I've been a fan for so long.  I did learn a lot though as well.  Back in the 90's we didn't have internet to Google them.  I liked that the whole movie was told by them.  Nobody else was interviewed.  The way it was filmed made me feel like I was there with them.  I've already watched it about 5 times and it only came out Friday.

This movie made me laugh and cry.  It brought back so many memories from my childhood.  This film was really for them but it was also a thank you to the fans.  I just can't get enough!  Go check it out!