Monday, June 30, 2014

My June Playlist!

Can you believe it's time for this already?  June flew by SO fast!  I'm sad but happy because my birthday is officially 15 days away!  That's right, I turn 25 in July!  I have a super special and exciting playlist planned so stay tuned!  I've been very busy this month but I've still managed to find some good music to share.  If you missed last month's playlist click here.  Do you have any recommendations?

1. Stay With Me by Sam Smith
Who doesn't love Sam Smith?  His voice is just AMAZING!  I sleep with my radio on so every night before I fall asleep I play this song.  I love the emotion of it too.  As I've said before, I'm not really a fan of slow songs but this is just perfect.  Favorite lyric: Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand But I still need love 'cause I'm just a man These nights never seem to go to plan I don't want you to leave, will you hold my hand?

2. I Will Never Let You Down by Rita Ora
I feel like I haven't heard any music in awhile or maybe I'm just out of the loop.  If it is new music then it is a good comeback.  This song is just so much fun!  It's perfect for Summer which is perfect since it is.  I feel like she always has good Summer anthems.  I like playing this in the morning to wake up in a good mood.  Favorite lyric: Cause I've been sick and working all week And I've been doing just fine You've been tired of watching me Forgot to have a good time

3. Love Runs Out by OneRepublic
Let's be honest I'm kinda in love with Ryan Tedder.  He is SO talented!  I'm actually considering going to their concert for my birthday but we'll see.  I've been loving their new music lately.  It makes me want to buy their whole album.  This song just makes me feel so pumped up.  They may be my new obsession.  Favorite lyric: There's a maniac out in front of me Got an angel on my shoulder and Mestopheles but mama raised me good, mama raised me right Mama said, "Do what you want, say prayers at night,"

4. Wiggle by Jason DeRulo
I have been a Jason DeRulo fan for a few years now.  I'm SO glad he finally put an album out!  This song is just addicting!  I immediately loved it when I heard it for the first time.  I really like the beat too.  Plus it has Snoop Dogg in it so of course it's a hit.  His new music is really good.  It's just so different from everything else.  Favorite lyric: Patty cake, Patty cake With no hands Got me in this club making wedding plans If I take pictures while you do your dance I can make you famous on Instagram

5. Better Than Words by One Direction
I had a few bad days this month so I went to my go to band.  One Direction solves everything.  This song was on repeat pretty much the whole time.  I just love it!  I'm hoping to see them in concert this Summer again.  I saw them last year and it was heaven!  I'll leave a video of this song performed live here.  Favorite lyric: Best I ever had Hips don't lie You make me wanna sss One more night Irreplaceable (yeah), crazy, we're crazy

6. We've Got It Goin' On by Backstreet Boys
If you follow my blog then you'll know I went to see the Backstreet Boys in concert earlier this month.  It was a BLAST!  I felt like I was 10 again and we had front row seats!  I went with my cousin and this song just holds SO many memories.  This was our favorite song as kids.  I've probably played it at least once a day since then.  Favorite lyric: Jam on cause Backstreet's got it Come on now everybody We've got it goin' on for years

7. Rude by Magic!
I'm OBSESSED with this song!  It constantly in my head!  My younger sister and I sing it pretty much all the time.  The beat is what first caught my attention.  I love the reggae feel.  When I saw the video I was surprised because the singer looks nothing like I pictured.  I can't get enough of this song!  Favorite lyric: Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? Why you gotta be so rude? I'm gonna marry her anyway

8.Really Don't Care by Demi Lovato feat. Cher Lloyd
I forgot all about this song until I heard it on the radio one night.  I loved it at her concert but I forgot to download it.  It's very girl power which I love.  Every Summer needs a good break up song!  Plus it's so upbeat and basically against boys.  Favorite lyric: Now if we meet out on the street I won't be running scared I'll walk right up to you and put one finger in the air And make you understand, and make you understand You had your chance, had your chance

9. Maps by Maroon 5
Maroon 5 has new music finally!  I'm a BIG Adam Levine fan so I'm pretty excited.  I love the song A LOT!  I feel like they have gone back to their old music.  I hate when bands conform to what's popular.  Either way I support and love them.  I'm ready for the album!  Favorite lyric: But I wonder where were you When I was at my worst Down on my knees And you said you had my back So I wonder where were you When all the roads you took came back to me

10. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
It's FINALLY out!  I can't get enough of his new album!  This song is by far my favorite song.  It is just so cute and romantic.  He just has just such a way with lyrics.  He is probably my favorite artists of all time.  Trust me, he is that awesome and amazing.  Favorite lyric: And darling I will be loving you till we're 70 And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23 And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways Maybe just the touch of a hand Oh me I fall in love with you every single day And I just wanna tell you I am


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Series 2014: Summer Essentials

Welcome back!  In case you are wondering, I'll be posting my Summer Series every Saturday morning.  So come back every Saturday for more Summer fun!  Today is all about my must have items for Summer.  This is my favorite season so I have quite a few things to share.  Let me know your essentials too!  Let's get started!

I'm addicted to sunglasses!  I buy a new pair every single year.  This year I really wanted neon reflected aviators.  While shopping online at Delia's I found these!  I actually ordered the neon orange color and they were only $5.  I wear them everywhere!

This should be on everybody's list!  Protecting your skin is VERY important!  I've used Banana Boat Sport for years but for some reason this year it made me very itchy.  I have sensitive skin so my mom suggested I try the kids brand.  So far it has been working.  I prefer the spray because it's really quick and easy.  Plus it locks so it won't spill all over your bag.

Iced Tea:
I have been OBSESSED with iced tea this Summer!  Growing up my mom would always make tea but I never really drank it.  Now I can't get enough!  It is just super refreshing.  I buy the Lipton brand and just keep a pitcher in the fridge.  I just like original but you can buy flavored if you want.

Tumbler Cups:
These cups are AMAZING!!!!!!!!  I take them with me wherever I go.  They keep your drinks cold because the ice melts slower.  Since they are double walled they don't sweat.  You can get them for pretty cheap too.  There are tons of colors and patterns to choose from too.

Ponytail Holders:
Let's be real...nobody wants to actually do their hair when it is 100 degrees outside.  My hair is pretty much always up in the Summer.  Whether it's a bun, a braid, or just a ponytail.  I like to give my hair a break from heat anyway.  If you do want do have curls then check out my easy no heat headband curls.  Simple is always better.

Ice Cream:
I LOVE ice cream all year but especially on a hot Summer day.  I try all kinds of flavors but if I had to choose Chunky Monkey.  What is better than bananas and chocolate?  I change it up weekly though just so I don't get bored.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Motivational Monday: Tips For Staying Motivated!

Happy Monday!  Now that school is out we sometimes just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day.  Meanwhile, everything you should be doing keeps piling up.  Be honest, we've all been there.  It's Summer!!!!!!  We need to stay motivated!  I'm not an expert but I wanted to share what I do.  Let me know if you have any tips!

Make A Plan:
This could be something simple like go for a walk or it could be something you need to do like blog.  Doing something productive will make you feel accomplished.  Even if it is just one thing at least you've done something for the day.  Just make sure it is something you actually enjoy.

Stay Positive:
There will be days when you may not enjoy the tasks that need done.  I mean nobody really wants to clean their house.  In these cases you must stay positive.  I usually will play my favorite music so I'm doing the task but focused on something else.  Staying positive makes everything go smoother.

Reward Yourself:
This is personally my favorite tip.  Rewarding yourself will keep you focused.  Sticking to your plan will be more likely if you know you get a treat at the end.  It could be a pair of shoes you've been wanting or a cupcake.  You get to choose whatever you want!  You can only reward yourself if you actually accomplish your goals though.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Series 2014: My Summer Plans!

Today is officially the first day of Summer!!!!!  I joined a blogging challenge so make sure you check back each week for a new Summer post!  My Summer has already been pretty packed.  My younger sister graduated high school so there has been all the planning and parties.  I also went to see the Backstreet Boys in concert which was AMAZING!  If you wanna know all the details click here.  Currently, here in Omaha, the College World Series is going in.  I go every single year so I've been enjoying the baseball games.  There are two weddings that are happening one of which I'm actually in.  Who doesn't love weddings during the Summer?  The month I'm most excited for is July.  My family always has a HUGE 4th of July party with TONS of fireworks.  I also turn the big 2-5 in July.  I really want to have a 90's themed party but nobody will tell me anything!  I do know I'm going to a roller skating rink on my actual birthday with my cousin.  It's adults only which means alcohol will be served.  I'm not so sure skating and mixed drinks will end well but I'll keep you all posted!  In August, I'm going to see Katy Perry in concert!!!!  I'm SO excited for that!  Sadly I'm not going anywhere cool that I know of.  I'm sure I'll go boating and to the zoo a few times.  Other than that I'll just be relaxing.  I'm a HUGE fan of Big Brother too.  I watch it with my mom because were obsessed.  I'm trying to watch every season of Full House that I got for my birthday last year.  I also have plenty of books to catch up on.  Tell me what you plan to do!  Let's make Summer 2014 the best yet!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Movie Review: The Fault In Our Stars

Yesterday I FINALLY went to see The Fault In Our Stars.  I read the book about a year ago and I feel in love with it!  I was really nervous to see it because usually when I love a book then I rarely like the movie.  I went in totally open minded.  If you don't know what it is about I'll give you a brief description.  It is about about a girl named Hazel and a boy named Augustus who meet in a cancer support group.  You follow their journey of friendship and love.  I LOVED the film!  Sobbing was definitely involved.  It was pretty much exactly like the book.  I was worried the characters wouldn't be how I imagined but they were perfect!  It really makes you fall even more in love with the characters.  The soundtrack is absolute perfection as well.  The song by Ed Sheeran is just fantastic!  I would consider this the epic love story of our generation.  I was really impressed with everything.  What I love about this story is how no matter what situation you are in it doesn't have to define you.  If you haven't seen or read this yet I highly suggest it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

♥Weekly Obsession♥

Hey everyone!  Sorry it's been awhile but life is just crazy lately.  Today's obsession is actually a video.  It came out about a month ago but recently I've been watching daily lately.  It is the Evolution Of Miley Cyrus by Superfruit.  If you haven't subscribed to them, you should because all their videos are SO good.  They are actually Scott and Mitch from Pentatonix who I also love.  The Evolution Of Miley Cyrus is so clever because you can really see how much she has changed over the years.  I really wish it was on iTunes that's how obsessed I am!  Tell me what you think!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Backstreet Boys Concert Experience!

OMG you guys last night I felt like I was 10 again!  I literally traveled back to 1999.  It was honestly one of the BEST concerts I've ever been to.  I went with my cousin and we both turned into screaming girls just like when we were kids.  We had front row seats but the best part was the stage was like an inch from us!  We were dying!  First Brian's son Baylee came out and did 2 songs.  He was adorable!  Next Avril Lavigne did her set.  I'm not a huge fan so I was quite bored.  There were some extremely drunk/crazy girls who were more entertaining.  Finally they appeared!  It was magical!  They still got it even after being together 21 years.  We were SO close too!  AJ sang and waved and smiled at me many times so did Kevin. They pretty much loved me. Nick waved, winked, and then danced in front of me. Finally Brian waved and smiled twice at me which I got on video! Also we were on the big screen like 3 times!  I took mostly video but I'll put the one were Brain waved at me and a picture of me and my cousin below.  I will be seeing them again for sure!  I hope it's soon!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Motivational Monday: Girls Night Out!

Tonight is the night I've been waiting for pretty much my entire life.  I'm going to see The Backstreet Boys in concert!  Also did I mention we are FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!  I've been a fan since I was about 8 years old.  Growing up I spent a lot of time in the hospital due to my disease.  The only request I ever had was my BSB CD's and VHS tape of their concert.  I've been trying to see them for YEARS!  They just never came close enough.  Now it's here!  Me and my cousin are going to be the nerdy 8 year old girls we were.  It's gonna be epic!  Her and I are practically sisters so this will be another memory we'll be talking about for years.  Crazy things ALWAYS happen when we go anywhere!  Just because we are adults now doesn't mean we have to act like we are even if it is only one night.  Do you guys have any friends like that?  Never let them go no matter what!  Check back tomorrow for the full experience!


Friday, June 6, 2014

Endless Love Review

Last week I bought the film Endless Love because my younger sister really wanted to see it.  Every year my mom, my younger sister, and I go on a movie and dinner date together on or around Valentine's Day.  This was her pick but mom and I overruled her for the film we wanted.  I regret not listening to her now.  I'm SO in love with this movie now!  It is about a girl named Jade who was a shy rich girl in high school.  She had no friends but David has always been in love with her.  Unfortunately he is poor and has a past history he isn't proud of.  I can't give too much away!  At first I thought it was just going to be super cheesy and unoriginal.  It is totally different.  I loved all the storyline plots and the drama.  It also makes you want to experience the love they have.  I cried pretty much the entire last half.  It's definitely a chick flick.  Also I'm kinda in love with Alex Pettyfer.  Maybe I'm a little late to the party but he is a hottie!  I also was obsessed with her fashion in the film.  I like watching movies and TV to get inspiration for my wardrobe.  Have you seen this film?  Tell me your thoughts if you have!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

♥Weekly Obsession♥

You are probably wondering why I've posted a picture that's older than I am.  Well this is my new obsession.  I've actually loved the Golden Girls for awhile but recently it's come back.  Every night I will be flipping through channels and I'll see it on.  I just can't stop watching!  My grandma actually owns the entire DVD collection so I'm thinking of borrowing them.  That's how real my obsession has gotten.  Have you guys watched?  It is actually super funny.  My favorite is Rose because she is actually just like me.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Motivational Monday: Growing Up

Happy Monday!  This past weekend my baby sister graduated high school.  I felt so many emotions.  It really made me miss being a kid again.  Next month I turn 25 and that means I will officially be mid 20's!  It's a scary feeling for sure.  What happened to the days when all we cared about was how long we could watch cartoons before our parents told us to go outside?  As a kid we can't wait until we are adults and be independent.  Now we want to go back to being kids with no worries.  It is a crazy cycle.  Instead of being worried about the future just embrace it!  Whatever happens will happen.  All we can do is enjoy the ride we call life.  Do any of you feel this way?  Let me know!