Saturday, May 31, 2014

My May Playlist!

Happy Saturday!  May is already over!  Today is a bittersweet moment.  My baby sister is graduating from high school.  I'm feel happy but also sad because shes growing up!  I'm always so emotional.  Let's get back to the task at hand.  I'm still obsessed with all of last month's songs so if you missed it click here.  This month's playlist is about 95% female artists which is surprising because I don't usually listen to many females.  What songs have you been loving?  Let me know!

1. Sirens by Cher Lloyd
I just love her!  Her new album came out this month and let me just say it is SO good!  Go buy it on iTunes ASAP!  I discovered this song at like 2 AM while scrolling through Twitter.  I love it because it shows a completely different side of her.  I was instantly hooked!  I honestly love the video too.  Favorite lyric: Yeah I'm tired I'm growing older I'm getting weaker everyday yeah I am drowning, and you're stealing every breath

2. All I Ever Need by Austin Mahone
I've been a Mahomie for awhile now.  His album FINALLY came out this month and it was totally worth the wait!  I can't get enough!  This song is one I've had on repeat daily.  It is just such a cute song!  Plus I just imagine him singing to me every time I listen to it.  He is perfection!  Favorite lyric: When it comes to you Baby I'm addicted You're like a drug, no rehab can fix it I think you're perfect baby even with your flaws You ask what I like about you Ooh, I love it all

3. Problem by Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea
Who isn't obsessed with Ariana Grande?  This is my song of the summer for sure.  I love how the beat is kinda old school but still modern.  Once you hear it, it will never leave your head.  I am just ready for the next album because I just love her stuff.  Favorite lyric: Every time you touch me And say you love me I get a little bit breathless I shouldn't want it But it's you!

4. Fancy by Iggy Azalea
Have you noticed a theme?  I may be slightly obsessed with her.  I just wish I could rap as good as her!  This song is super catchy and me and my little sister sing it constantly!  She might be my favorite artist right now.  The video is also a take on one of my favorite movies Clueless.  If you've never seen this film it is a must!  It's classic 90's.  Favorite lyric: Now tell me, who that, who that? That do that, do that? Put that paper over all, I thought you knew that, knew that I be that I-G-G-Y, put my name in bold I been working, I'm up in here with some change to throw

5. I Ain't Leavin' Without Your Love by Nashville Cast
If you follow me on Twitter you probably know I'm obsessed with the show Nashville.  This song is from one of the episodes and when I heard it I was in love with it.  After each season they put out an album of popular songs from the show.  I prayed that this song would make it and it did!  I highly recommend the show too.  Favorite lyric: Under the downtown neon lights That’s where you caught my eye You got me all worked up I ain't leavin' without your love

6. Tattoo by Hunter Hayes
His new album also came out this month and I'm obsessed!  I actually discovered him like 2 years ago on my Pandora and I've loved him ever since.  I was hoping his new album would be more upbeat because his first album was mostly slow.  I actually love it more than his first one.  This song is stuck in my head always just because it's catchy.  He's just amazing!  Favorite lyric: Your name, your name sounds so good next to mine, just saying And I think, I think I'm gonna put it in all my rhymes, baby Cause with you, I'm gonna do quite a few things that I never thought I would do Your name, your name, your name Would be a good tattoo

7. Kiss Me by Lucy Hale
If you didn't know that Lucy Hale had an album coming out where have you been?  She is one of my favorite people.  I'm obsessed with her on Pretty Little Liars!  When I heard she had an album coming out I preordered it right away.  This song came with the preorder and I can't stop listening too it!  It's just a fun catchy song.  I never pictured her doing country music but it works.  Favorite lyric: You leave here and you drive home You take a turn down my road I watch you through my window and hide so you can't see Don't you know I want you with me And it ain't just cause I'm tipsy You can act like it's all over And you don't miss me Or you could just kiss me

8. Young In America by Danielle Bradbery
I've loved her since she was on The Voice.  I'm so glad she won too.  This song is probably my most played song of the month.  It was always stuck in my head.  I play it pretty much every day still.  It makes me want to just roll down all the windows and drive while singing at the top of my lungs.  It is a total summer song.  I love her whole album.  Favorite lyric: Fine white sand, bare feet Kiss me on the beach So much to see Come on, come on Whoa-oh, oh, oh, ready set go Gotta get out of this small town Whoa-oh, oh, oh, the open road Air to breathe, the sun is shining down Oh, whoa, it's you and me In the land of the free So baby, let's run while we're young in America

9. Surfboard by Cody Simpson
I'm a big fan of him!  He is just so adorable.  This song is awesome!  It's like a mash up of the 60's and R&B.  I love 60's music so maybe that is why I love it so much.  He is just so smooth with everything he does.  This song is one I play in the morning to get my day started right.  It puts me in a summer mood for sure.  Favorite lyric: We woke up on the beach down in Mexico She asked me how we got here And I don't know We got back in the water The waves were crashing on her And you know how it goes

10. Am I Wrong by Nico and Vinz
This song has grown on me.  When I first heard it I actually didn't like it.  Now I really love it!  The beat is SUPER catchy and different which I like.  It just reminds of like an African safari.  It also just makes you wanna dance.  It's so good!  Favorite lyric: If you tell me I'm wrong, wrong I don't wanna be right, right If you tell me I'm wrong, wrong I don't wanna be right