Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DWTS Season 18: Who Won?

Tonight we find out the winner!  The show started with a big group number starring the entire cast.  It was lots of fun.  America chose James' freestyle as the encore dance.  It was even better tonight!  Amy was injured during the team dance so they did it live tonight.  Of course it was amazing!  Iggy Azalea performed her hit Fancy.  I'm obsessed with her!  Amber Riley who won last season sang her song Color Blind.  I liked it but I'm not a fan of slow songs.  Drew danced the Jive.  I've missed him!  Charlie and Meryl danced together which was great.  NeNe danced next.  It was crazy as expected!  Danica did her Beauty and the Beast dance.  It was one of my favorite dances from Disney night.  Cody Simpson sang Surfboard.  You guys know I love him!  Charlie performed his Mary Poppins routine which I loved!  James danced again but this time it was his Michael Jackson routine.  I still didn't love it.  Ariana Grande sang her new single Problem.  This is my jam!  Amber Riley performed with some of the best dancers in the country.  I LOVED it!  The finalists will dance a 24 hour fusion dance.  This means two dance styles fused together.  Amy was up first.  Her fusion styles were Argentine Tango and Cha Cha.  It was SO good!  Her score was 30 of 30.  Candace was up next.  Her fusion styles were Quickstep and Samba. She did awesome!  Her score was 27 of 30.  Last up was Meryl.  Her fusion styles were Foxtrot and Cha Cha.  Her score was 30 of 30.  Christina Perri sang her song Human which is one of my favorite songs.  Now it is results time!  In third place is Candace.  In second place is Amy.  The winner is Meryl!  I'm slightly disappointed but glad for her.