Friday, January 31, 2014

Midnight Memories!

It's finally here!  If you are a big One Direction fan like me then you've probably been waiting for their new video to primere.  Today the new video for Midnight Memories came out!  Every video they do just gets better and better.  Ben Winston directed it and I love when he films their videos.  He always captures who they actually are.  This time was no different.  I loved every second!  I had seen pictures all over Tumblr so I kinda knew what the theme was.  It fit them perfectly!  All I can say is if One Direction were at my house party I'd be in heaven!  It was funny and crazy just like them.  I've probably watched it 50 times already!  What are your thought?


Music Friday: Mmm Yeah

Happy Friday!  I'm so glad this week is over because it has been super busy.  This semester is killing me already.  Today's share is my newest obsession.  It is Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahone feat. Pitbull.  I'm totally obsessed with Austin Mahone which may be weird since I'm 24.  I just love his style and dancing and pretty much everything.  Also who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?  I'm going for Seahawks.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jerica's Chatter: Aaron Carter Is Back?

It's Wednesday which means it time to review all the pop culture news that happened.  If you want to see any stories then tell me in the comments.  Let's get into it!

Justin Bieber Got Arrested:
This was probably the most talked about story.  Is anybody really shocked?  Justin Bieber was arrested for drag racing, DUI, and drugs.  Now I've been a fan since the beginning but honestly I'm disappointed.  He is just going to ruin his life and career.  Also his dad was there blocking traffic while he was drag racing.  His parents need to step up and be actual parents.  It's reported that an intervention is happening in Panama.  We'll see what happens.

Aaron Carter Has A New Single:
If you grew up during the 90's then your inner childhood is probably freaking out right now.  I know I am!  Over the weekend Aaron Carter released his single for FREE on Twitter.  Surprisingly it is really good.  The single is called That's Life.  You can listen by clicking here.  What are your thoughts?

Lance Bass Makes A Music Video:
Apparently Lance Bass thought it was a good idea to release his own music video.  I'm a huge NSYNC fan but this was not good.  There was awkward dancing and it was set in the desert and just weird.  The song has potential at least.  Sorry Lance but you'll never be Justin Timberlake.  Do you think it's a hit or miss?

The Grammy's:
Of course I must talk about The Grammys.  I thought Taylor Swift looked AMAZING and her performance was flawless.  Katy Perry performed Dark Horse and it was perfection.  Everyone loved Beyonce but I wasn't that impressed.  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had a bunch of couples get married during their performance which was touching. Lorde won a lot which honestly surprised me.  Daft Punk dominated everything which I disagree with.  I thought Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus were snubbed.  They had awesome albums.  What did you love or hate?


Monday, January 27, 2014

Motivational Monday: Quick and Easy Beach Waves

Welcome to my new series!  Monday is nobody's favorite day of the week so I decided to do Motivational Monday's.  Every Monday I'll post something fun to set the tone for your week.  It could be a quote, a DIY project, or something funny.  You just never know what to expect!  Today I'm going to share how to get quick and easy Beach waves for your hair.  Send me pictures to my twitter if you try @jerica_89.  Be awesome and have a great day!

  1. Part your hair into 4 or 5 sections and braid each section.
  2. Using a flat iron, go over each braid twice.
  3. Finally remove the braid and you'll have perfect waves.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Music Friday: Chocolate

Music Friday is back!!  Sorry I've been very busy with school.  Today's share is a current obsession I've been having.  It is Chocolate by The 1975.  I love their music.  It has such a different vibe than any other artist out right now.  I think they'll be huge this year.  Enjoy!


Thursday, January 23, 2014


I've come up with a new idea!  I know I'm not very good at sticking to my plans but I'm going to try hard to this time.  I watch a lot of talk shows and entertainment news shows pretty much daily.  I always have my own thoughts about everything they say.  So I thought why not share with you guys!  Starting Wednesday I'll be doing a pop culture news type blog about whatever has happened for the week.  I want you guys to send me suggestions about what stories to talk about.  You can leave comments here or tweet me @jerica_89.  I haven't come up with a name for this series yet so send some name ideas too.  I'm excited!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm Back!

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  I took time off to enjoy my break from school but now I'm back.  My goal is to blog a lot more.  Tell me in the comments what you'd like to see.  Also last year I blogged about Valentine's Day ideas daily until Valentine's Day.  Do you want that again?  If so tell me what you want to see.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Rewind!

It is now 2014!  Can you believe how quickly 2013 went?  So much stuff happened.  I decided to put together a list of pop culture events that occurred in 2013.  Of course I can't include everything but I tried.  Tell me your favorite memories of 2013 in the comments.  I hope you have an awesome 2014!

  • Prince Born
  • 1D Takeover (Movie, Album, 1D Day, Tour, Vevo Record)
  • Britney Is Back
  • So Is Justin Timberlake
  • Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
  • RIP Cory Monteith, Paul Walker, Nelson Mandela, and many more
  • Amanda Bynes went crazy!
  • Roar by Katy Perry
  • Catching Fire
  • Boston Strong
  • Miley is twerking all over
  • Goats sing pop songs
  • What Does The Fox Say?
  • Royals by Lorde
  • Marriage equality
  • Stars come out (Tom Daley, Robin Roberts, and more)
  • Do the Harlem Shake!
  • Macklemore changed music
  • The government shut down
  • A new pope was elected
  • Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus
  • Paula Deen fired
  • When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars
  • Selfie is officially a word
  • Ariana Grande releases her first album and it's AMAZING!
  • Duck Dynasty is everywhere
  • Candy Crush became an addiction
  • Adam Levine is the sexiest man
  • *NSYNC Reunited