Monday, November 10, 2014

DWTS Season 19: America's Choice

It's week 9!  Everybody will be dancing two dances this week.  Tonight is all about the choices America has made.  America voted on what dance style, song, wardrobe, and hair styles the celebrities will be dancing to and wearing.  Also it's trio dance time!  The celebrities will get to dance with their partner and another pro dancer.  Sometimes it's amazing and sometimes not so much.  I can't wait to see what happens.  One celebrity will be eliminated tonight.  Make sure you vote for your favorites and come back next Monday for more!

America voted for a Foxtrot to Ain't That A Kick In The Head by Robbie Williams.  I really loved it.  It was classic but still modern.  His hold really improved from before.  I liked the balance of in hold and not in hold.  His footwork still needs a little more but overall it was smooth and entertaining.  He is just great.  His score was 37 of 40.  His trio dance was a Paso Doble featuring the pro Lindsay.  OMG it was INSANE!!!!!!!!!!  It was by far my favorite dance!  He just KILLED it!  It was perfection!  His score was 40 of 40.  His total of the night was 70.

America voted for a Viennese Waltz to Trouble by Ray LaMontagne.  He improved a lot from last week.  It was so simple and elegant.  He just makes me smile each time.  He was injured and it barely showed.  There was a slight trip but nobody cared because he just makes you happy.  His score was 29 of 40.  His trio dance was a Samba featuring pro Sharna.  There wasn't much dancing but very entertaining.  I laughed a lot so that's good.  His score was 28 of 40.  His total of the night was 57.

America voted for a Samba to Animals by Maroon 5.  I have to admit I was bored watching this.  Her confidence was 100% there.  I wanted more fun and fierceness.  Every dance just feels the same to me.  She needs to step it up or she won't last long.  Her score was 34 of 40.  Her trio dance was a Paso Doble featuring the pro Henry.  I still wasn't a fan.  It felt messy and lacked passion.  The judges loved it but I just didn't.  Her score was 36 of 40.  Her total of the night was 70.

America voted for a Viennese Waltz to Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware.  It was wonderful!  I got a little teary eyed.  It was full of emotion and I felt every single one.  It was gorgeous! She just keeps growing each week.  I just love her!  Her score was 36 of 40.  Her trio dance was an Argentine Tango featuring the pro Tony.  This dance was SO good!  It was just so powerful.  It was flawless!  She is so dynamic!  Her score was 38 of 40.  Her total of the night was 74.

America voted for a Jive to 1 2 3 Turnaround by Christian TV.  I loved it.  I loved how classic it was.  Jive is my favorite style.  She is pretty tall so it wasn't as fluid as it should be.  It doesn't matter though because her personality shines through.  She is just amazing.  Her score was 33 of 40.  Her trio dance was a Foxtrot featuring the pro Emma.  It was perfection!  It was SO beautiful and you couldn't tell who was the pro.  It was completely and honestly flawless.  Her score was 40 of 40.  Her total of the night was 73.

America voted for a Quickstep to Hey Boy! Hey Girl! by Louis Prima and Keely Smith.  She did very good.  Her partner messed up but nobody cared because she just kept going.  I loved the concept.  I'm not really a fan of hers though.  I feel like she is too confident.  She just hasn't grown on me.  Her score was 38 of 40.  Her trio dance was a Salsa featuring the pro Keo.  This was better but I wanted more Salsa moves.  It also had too many tricks for me.  It was good though.  Her score was 39 of 40.  Her total of the night was 77.

Tommy, Alfonso, Bethany, and Janel are safe.  Lea and Sadie are in danger.  Lea is eliminated meaning Sadie will be back next week.