Monday, November 24, 2014

DWTS Season 19: It's Final Time!!!!!!

It's night 1 of the finals!!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow a winner will be chosen!  I'm SO excited but I'm sad it's ending.  Tonight the celebrities will be dancing two dances.  The first will be judges pick and the second will be everybody's favorite round which is freestyle.  I can't wait for this!!!!!!  Somebody will still be eliminated tonight.  The show started with a big group number which was SO good!  Make sure you vote for your favorite so they'll win!!!  Come back tomorrow for the results!

Her judges pick was her Jive from week one.  They wanted to see her transitions improve.  I loved it even more this time.  She has improved SO much!  The set malfunctioned but they pulled it together pretty well.  There were mistakes but I don't even care.  She's such an inspiration to regular girls like me.  I'm Team Mota!  Her score was 36 of 40.  It's freestyle time!  I LOVED it!  It was sharp and powerful and just perfection!  The tricks were insane!!!  She was taking over the world and I wanted more!  I love girl power!  Her score was 40 of 40.  This makes her total for the night 76.

Her judges pick was her Samba from week four.  Len was gone and he wanted to see it live.  Somehow it got even better!!  This was my favorite dance she did all season so I'm glad to see it again.  She is just amazing!  She makes me happy every week.  She has grown so much more confident.  I'm glad she made the finals.  Her score was 38 of 40.  It's freestyle time!  I loved the theme of Mario!  It totally fit her personality!  It was cute and quirky and I just fell in love with it!  I'm sad it's over!  Her score was 40 of 40.  This makes her total for the night 78.

Her judges pick was her Samba from week six.  The judges wanted to see more passion.  I still didn't like this dance.  I felt really bored.  She injured herself hours before the show so it did affect the dance.  The dance just wasn't my thing.  Hopefully I'll like her next dance better.  Her score was 37 of 40.  It's freestyle time!  It was a very beautiful dance but it was too simple for a final in my opinion.  It was pure and honest but I don't know if it was enough to win.  Her score was 40 of 40.  This makes her total for the night 77.

His judges pick was his Jive from week one.  They wanted to see how much he has improved.  This dance was AMAZING and this time it was MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!!!  It was perfection!  I can't believe he is injured and he still danced like that!  I just love him and I'm glad he is better.  His score was 40 of 40.  It's freestyle time!  He did it again!  He FREAKING killed it!  It had every single dance style!!!!!  It was old school and new school and glamorous!  I couldn't even tell he was injured AT ALL!  His score was 40 of 40.  This makes his total for the night a perfect score of 80.

Alfonso and Sadie are safe.  Janel and Bethany are in danger.  Bethany is eliminated meaning Janel is safe.  I'm SO shocked and sad!