Saturday, November 1, 2014

1989 Review!

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for a new Taylor Swift album.  I've been a HUGE Swiftie since the very beginning.  I wanted to have this post up way earlier but every time I went to buy it they were sold out!  I bought the physical copy because I wanted the Polaroids with handwritten lyrics on them.  This album is her first album that is strictly pop.  She transitioned perfectly!  I think it was an excellent move for her career.  She can do so much more with this style.  I love how it is mature but younger girls can still relate.  She didn't have to be somebody different, she stayed true to herself which most artists don't do.  That is why I love her because she just doesn't care what anyone says about her.  The title is the year she was born which I was too.  It does have a slight 80's/techno vibe and I love every part of it!  I'm mostly excited to see how the tour will be because I know it's coming soon.  So far my favorite song is Blank Space.  I'll leave my favorite lyrics from each track because I just love her lyrics.  Overall if you want a good solid strictly pop album then go buy this ASAP!  Did you buy it?  What songs are you loving?  Tell me your thoughts!

1. Welcome To New York: Walking through a crowd, the village is aglow Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats Everybody here wanted something more Searching for a sound we hadn't heard before

2. Blank Space: So it's gonna be forever Or it's gonna go down in flames You can tell me when it's over If the high was worth the pain Got a long list of ex-lovers They'll tell you I'm insane 'Cause you know I love the players And you love the game 'Cause we're young and we're reckless We'll take this way too far It'll leave you breathless Or with a nasty scar Got a long list of ex-lovers They'll tell you I'm insane But I've got a blank space, baby And I'll write your name

3. Style: You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye And I got that red lip classic thing that you like And when we go crashing down, we come back every time 'Cause we never go out of style We never go out of style

4. Out Of The Woods: Remember when you hit the brakes too soon? Twenty stitches in the hospital room When you started cryin', baby, I did, too But when the sun came up, I was lookin' at you Remember when we couldn't take the heat I walked out and said, "I'm settin' you free," But the monsters turned out to be just trees And when the sun came up, you were lookin' at me

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay: Here you are now, calling me up, but I don't know what to say I've been picking up the pieces of the mess you made People like you always want back the love they pushed aside But people like me are gone forever when you say goodbye

6. Shake It Off:  My ex-man brought his new girlfriend She's like "Oh, my god!" but I'm just gonna shake. And to the fella over there with the hella good hair Won't you come on over, baby? We can shake, shake, shake

7. I Wish You Would: I wish you would come back Wish I never hung up the phone like I did I wish you knew that I'll never forget you as long as I live, I Wish you were right here, right now, it's all good, I wish you would I wish we could go back And remember what we were fighting for I wish you knew that I miss you too much to be mad anymore Wish you were right here, right now, it's all good, I wish you would

8. Bad Blood: Did you think we’d be fine, still got scars on my back from your knife So don’t think it's in the past, these kinda wounds they last and they last Did you think it all through; all these things will catch up to you And time can heal but this won't, so if you’re coming my way just don’t Oh, it’s so sad to, think about the good times, you and I

9. Wildest Dreams: But this is getting good now He's so tall and handsome as hell He's so bad but he does it so well And when we've had our very last kiss My last request is Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset Babe Red lips and rosy cheeks say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams oh wildest dreams oh ah, wildest dreams

10. How You Get The Girl: Stand there like a ghost shaking from the rain (rain). She'll open up the door and say "Are you insane ('ane)?" Say it's been a long 6 months And you were too afraid to tell her what you want. And that's how it works. That's how you get the girl. And then you say. I want you for worse or for better, I would wait forever and ever, Broke your heart, I'll put it back together.
I would wait forever and ever.

11. This Love: Your kiss, my cheek, I watched you leave Your smile, my ghost, I fell to my knees
When you're young you just run But you come back to what you need This love is good, this love is bad This love is alive back from the dead These hands had to let it go free And this love came back to me

12. I Know Places: You stand with your hand on my waist line It's a scene and we're out here in plain sight I can hear them whisper as we pass by It's a bad sign, bad sign Something happens when everybody finds out See the vultures circling dark clouds Love's a fragile little flame, it could burn out It could burn out

13. Clean: There was nothing left to do And the butterflies turned to dust they covered my whole room So I punched a hole in the roof Let the flood carry away all my pictures of you The water filled my lungs, I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing Rain came pouring down when I was drowning That's when I could finally breathe And by morning, gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean