Monday, November 17, 2014

DWTS Season 19: Unplugged Night

It's the semifinals!!!!!!!!  I can't believe finals are already next week!  This season flew by SO fast!  Tonight is also unplugged night which means the couples will be dancing to acoustic performances.  It always gets very emotional.  The show started with a group number which I loved.  The celebrities will be dancing two dances to the same song but only one will be unplugged.  Somebody will be eliminated tonight.  Make sure you vote so your favorites make it to the final.  Come back next Monday for all the finale excitement!

Last week she blacked out and forgot her steps.  Her song this week is Problem by Ariana Grande.  Her first dance was a Quickstep.  I loved it A LOT!  It had tons of content and was just fun.  I couldn't look away!  I loved how it stayed classic but modern.  I love when the choreographers do that.  Her score was 37 of 40.  Her unplugged dance is an Argentine Tango.  I loved it!  I was stunning!  Plus she danced with a prop almost the entire dance.  Her footwork was crazy good as well.  I just love her.  Her score was 37 of 40.  Her total for the night is 74.

He really appreciates his fans for getting him this far.  His song this week is Tainted Love by Soft Cell.  His first dance was Jazz.  It was entertaining.  He didn't really dance much.  His partner just kinda danced on and around him.  I do really like him I just think it's his time to go.  His score was 28 of 40.  His unplugged dance is a Rumba.  I didn't like this dance.  I felt bored and again he barely danced.  The judges were in love with it.  Maybe I just missed something.  His score was 34 of 40.  His total of the night is 62.

Her partner is having problems coming up with creative choreography.  Her song this week is I Want You Back by Jackson 5.  Her first dance was a Samba.  I loved it!  I thought it was a completely different approach that totally worked.  I really thought it was really cute and fun.  It doesn't always have to be sexy and she proved that.  Her score was 36 of 40.  Her unplugged dance is Contemporary.  This was my favorite of the night!  I was breathtaking and I cried a little.  The prop was perfect as well.  I wanted more!  Her score was 40 of 40.  Her total of the night is 76.

Her partner called in his brother in for advice.  Her song this week is Blame by Calvin Harris.  Her first dance was a Paso Doble.  I actually enjoyed it.  It was fierce and powerful.  I didn't want it to end which I never feel that way about her.  I couldn't tell who was the pro.  Her score was 40 of 40.  Her unplugged dance is an Argentine Tango.  I liked this dance also.  I didn't enjoy the lifts because I didn't think they were needed.  It would have been beautiful without them.  It had incredible passion though.  Her score was 38 of 40.  Her total of the night is 78.

He has a back injury now but he isn't quitting now.  His song this week is Love Runs Out by One Republic.  His first dance was an Argentine Tango.  It wasn't my favorite dance he has done.  I'm sure his injury was apart of that.  He is a fighter and still did an awesome job.  He sold this dance even though he was in pain.  His score was 36 of 40.  His unplugged dance is Contemporary.  This was SO much better than the first!  I couldn't even tell he was injured.  It had a ton of intensity and passion.  I'm glad he made a comeback.  His score was 39 of 40.   His total of the night is 75.

Alfonso, Janel, and Bethany are safe.  Sadie and Tommy are in danger.  Tommy is eliminated meaning Sadie will be in the finals.