Tuesday, December 31, 2013

♥December Favorites♥

Hey everybody!  It's that time again.  Can you believe tomorrow is 2014?  This year just went by so quickly.  It was a great one though.  Hopefully the new year is just as awesome.  Check back tomorrow for a review of pop culture events that happened in 2013.  Tell me in the comments your favorites.

My first song is Best Day Of My Life by American Authors.  I'm obsessed with this song!  The first time I heard it I felt so happy.  It's very upbeat and catchy.  If I'm feeling sad I just play this.  I've never heard of them before this so they must be pretty new.

My next song is Burn by Ellie Goulding.  I first heard this song on The Voice and loved it.  I've always loved her music because her voice is so unique.  I also like how she's slightly techno.  This song is very catchy too.  I never get tired of it.

My last song is Timber by Pitbull and Ke$ha.  This song is always in my head!  I love Ke$ha so I knew I'd like it.  Plus Pitbull usually has really good songs.  It should've been out during summer though instead of now.

TV Show:
I love the show The Sing Off!  I've watched every season and was so sad when it got canceled.  They brought it back though.  It's a show all about acapella groups.  There is no band or live instruments just their voices.  The season is already over but hopefully it will be back on soon.

I loved the movie The Book Thief.  I read the book so I tried not to set my exceptions to high.  It was very good though.  It's set during World War II so it's very emotional.  The film really portrayed that and you really felt what they were feeling.  I recommend both the book and movie.  Both were similar but different.

I can't stop eating Ghirardelli chocolate.  This holiday season they had a limited edition one called Peppermint Bark.  It is so good!  It has white chocolate and milk chocolate together plus little pieces of peppermint candy.  I even got my grandma addicted.

Last month was 1D Day and it was amazing.  This is by far the best video on the internet.  All I have to say about this is enjoy!

I finally got it!  My favorite Christmas gift was Our Moment perfume by One Direction.  It smells so amazing!  Even my younger sister likes it.  It's a more fruity smell than floral which I like.  I think the design is cute too.  It fits my collection well.

Every year YouTube makes a rewind video featuring our favorite YouTubers and most of the years viral videos.  This years didn't disappoint.  I've watched it multiple times.  It's such a creative idea.  Good job YouTube!

I've been loving over sized cardigans.  They are just so comfortable and warm.  It's been a super cold winter here so it comes in handy.  I just love how cozy and soft they are.  There are so many prints and styles too.  They are just perfect.

I really love this quote.  It really sets the tone for the new year.  I like being different.  Who cares if people look at you weird.  Being the same is boring.  Be whoever and whatever you want.

I think my favorite moment was Christmas with my family.  I enjoyed just being lazy and watching my nieces play.  Even though I had a cold it was still fun.