Monday, February 27, 2017

Ipsy Unboxing: February

It's that time's time to open my monthly ipsy bag!!!  I've been subscribed since August and I'm still excited every time.  I did a post like this a few months ago but I didn't love how it turned out.  So hopefully you can let me know what you want to see.  If you want to see swacthes or individual pictures of the products let me know.  I'm going to link to every product so if you are interested in it then you can buy it right away.  Enjoy!

The Bag:
In case you don't know what ipsy is here is a quick description.  Every month you are sent 5 random beauty products in a makeup bag.  I usually love the bag but this month really let me down!  This month's bag was a denim material with a neon orange border.  I wanted pink or hearts because of Valentine's Day!  Maybe I would have loved it more in a different month.

The Products:
I don't like using red lipstick because I'm so pale.  This is really nice though.  The color isn't too bold which I like.  It is super lightweight and feels like butter going on.  I couldn't believe how smooth it was!  You really can't go wrong with Nyx.

I always love getting nail polish because I had to redo my collection.  This color is darkish gray and the coverage is amazing!  You really only need one coat.  It is also vegan and toxic free which is always a good thing.

I love this product!  It's so versatile and a gorgeous peachy shade.  You can use it as a highlighter, eye shadow, and even on your lips!  It just makes everything so glowy and I really love the name.

This is a huge mascara package and I love how bright it is.  It's super easy to find in your makeup that's for sure.  I haven't tried this out yet.  The brush is really flexible though so it can really separate your lashes so they look full.

I'm OBSESSED with this brand and I'm very happy I got two sheet masks.  This one is a skin brightening mask that has vitamin C in it.  It really does work and it makes your skin super soft.  I highly recommend this brand.

I haven't tried this sheet mask yet but I'm sure I'll love it.  This one is for moisturizing your skin.  It has almond oil and vitamin E in it which you rub into your skin after you take the mask off.  This perfect for winter!