Monday, May 7, 2012

Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

I'm a HUGE Justin Bieber fan!  His much anticipated album Believe comes out June 19 and I honestly can't wait to hear it.  On Thursday, Bieber finally released his video for Boyfriend after teasing us all for weeks.  This might be my favorite video he has done so far.  I love his look, the dancing, and pretty much everything about it.  It really reminded me of another pop star I love, Justin Timberlake.  In Timberlake's very first solo video, Like I Love You, he had a similar concept to Bieber's.  Look at how huge Timberlake's music career was after that.  What do you think of the Boyfriend video?  Is it similar to Like I Love You?  Share your thoughts!


Like I Love You: