Thursday, October 27, 2016

4 Last Minute Halloween Costumes From Your Closet

Most of us will probably be going to some sort of Halloween party this weekend.  There is no reason to go spend $80 on a costume because all you'll need is your closet.  If you are like me then you probably have no clue what to be.  Don't worry I've got you covered!  I came up with 4 costumes that you already own.  Let's get to it!

First up is a scarecrow.  All you'll need is a plaid shirt, preferably red, some ripped jeans, and brown boots.  You can add makeup and a straw hat if you would like.  All you need is a braid and your look is complete.

Next up is a witch.  All that you will need is a black dress and black boots.  Any dress will work as long it's black so just pick your favorite.  The only thing you'll need to but is a witch hat which is less than $5.  If you are crafty then make your own.

Next is a flower goddess.  You'll need a flowy white dress, sandals, and a flower crown.  Think Coachella vibes or the Snapchat filter.  This my favorite for sure.

Last up is a fitness girl.  All you need are yoga pants, a exercise top, and sneakers.  This is probably the best one.  You can go straight from the gym to your party.  Plus you will be super comfortable all night!

Well that is what I came up with!  What was your favorite?  Also, let me know what you are going to be for Halloween in the comments!