Friday, October 28, 2016

♥DIY Donut Pumpkin♥

One of my favorite things about Halloween is carving pumpkins.  This year I wanted to do something different.  The new trend is painting pumpkins so that's what I did.  I LOVE donuts!!!  I went to Pinterest to find some inspiration.  I think my pumpkin turned out pretty adorable.  I think next year I'll do a few more.

What You Will Need:
-A pumpkin of any size
-A pencil
-Acrylic Paint (any colors you want)
-Paint brushes

1. Pick the pumpkin you want.  I went with a small one so it would be more realistic.
2. Then I took a pencil to outline the frosting.  Take gray paint and go over the outline.
3. Paint the top part of your pumpkin light pink.  Then paint the bottom portion a tan color.
4. After everything is dry use multiple different colors to make sprinkles.

It is that easy!  Did you decorate any pumpkins this year?  I would love to see them!  Tweet me pictures especially if you try this design.