Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quiz Tuesday: Are You More Lauren Conrad Or Heidi Montag?

Happy Tuesday!!!!  I'm determined to make this week a great one.  So I'm back with a quiz!  I'm very excited for this one.  Today's quiz is called Are You More Lauren Conrad Or Heidi Montag?  I am obsessed with The Hills!  I watched every single episode and I still do honestly.  I think I know who I will get but we'll see.  You can take the quiz with me right here.  Share your results below!

I got Lauren Conrad!  The description says You’re more like Lauren! You have a heart of gold and always know the perfect thing to say in any given situation. Your pals value your friendship and know that they can always come to you for advice. Your fashion sense is top-notch AND you’ve got some major entrepreneurial skills in you. Plus, YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID.

I knew I would get Lauren!  We are very similar.  Plus I just love her!