Friday, June 7, 2013

Grapic Tee's For $20 Or Less

Grapic Tee's

I love to make a statement.  Why not use your clothing to speak your mind.  Graphic tee's are really in right now so why not take advantage.  You can literally find a shirt for anything.  Whether you want to support a cause, show your favorite superhero, or just be silly you can find a shirt for it.  Another great thing about graphic tee's is that you can wear them pretty much everywhere.  If you are going to the beach or out to dinner with friends you can make any statement you'd like.  Also you can buy them without going over your budget.  I picked out my 5 favorites to share with you.  I'll put the links below if you want to buy any.  I want to see some of your favorite graphic tee's too.  You can tweet me a picture at @jerica_89.  Also tell me you want more fashion type blogs.  Tell me in the comments or on Twitter.

Nerdy Penguin Tee-Click Here
YOLO Tropical Tank-Click Here
Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle Tee-Click Here
I Am Nacho Friend Tee-Click Here
Life Is Better With A Mustache Tank-Click Here