Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

Last night I finally went to see The Great Gatsby.  Now before I talk about the film I should talk about why I debated on seeing it.  The Great Gatsby is my all time favorite book.  I was worried it wouldn't portray everything the same way.  I was also worried about Leonardo Dicaprio playing Gatsby.  I picture Gatsby as a older sophisticated man which Dicaprio isn't.  All of my worries were completely wrong though.  I thought this film was amazing!  The way they filmed it made you feel like you were actually there especially during the elaborate party scenes.  I wasn't in love with the music because Jay Z made it way too modern.  I'm pretty sure there wasn't rap music in the 1920's.  The costumes were absolutely beautiful.  I was inspired and wish could wear them.  Let me know in the comments if you want to see any 20's inspired posts.  The real star of the film was Toby Maguire.  Every single thing he said or did you actually believed.  If you've never read the book I thought did very well at telling the story.  I recommend this movie for sure!