Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DWTS Season 16: It's Time For Another Goodbye

The show started with a Latin dance performed by the professionals.  It was cute and I liked it.  Kellie got immunity last night so she is safe.  Michael Buble performed his song Come And Dance With Me.  I love his voice.  The song was very good.  The judges chose Ali's Salsa as the encore dance.  This was my favorite dance last night and even better tonight.  It's just so much fun!  Zendaya is safe.  Jacoby is in danger.  Ali is safe.  Ingo is in danger.  The AT&T Spotlight dance was up next.  It's about a woman who helps and inspires kids who live in a bad town.  They are just a big family.  They were so good!  It was hip hop mixed with drill team moves.  The Macy's Stars Of Dance was next.  It was amazing!  It featured Twitch who is one of my favorite dancers.  The pros performed another dance number.  It was a little weird but I liked it.  Sean is safe.  Andy is in danger.  Jacoby is safe which means Ingo and Andy are in danger.  Andy is eliminated.  I'm sad because I really love him.

Come back next week for more!