Monday, July 22, 2013

Best Song Ever?

Today was an exciting day in the One Direction fandom.  They released their newest single called Best Song Ever.  They also released the music video today.  As a HUGE 1D fan I couldn't wait to see what the video would be like.  Let's talk about the song first.  It may be my favorite One Direction song so far!  It has a more edgier rock sound but still really catchy.  I've have had it on repeat since I bought it last night.  Now let's talk about the video.  It is by far the best 1D video!  Each video they do they get better and better.  I love how they all had a character to portray.  My favorites were Harry and Liam's.  Also I loved the dance moves.  True directioners will understand.  Watch the video below and tell me your thoughts in the comments.