Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Casual 4th Of July Outfit Idea

4th of July

4th of July is only days away!  It is one of my favorite holidays.  I came up with a casual outfit idea that you could wear.  If you want to buy any of these items I will put the links below.  You can use any clothes from your closet too.  Just make sure you stick to a red, white, and blue color theme.  Since I usually spend all day outside, I always wear a tank top.  Choose a graphic tank so you don't look too plain.  I love flag shorts because they are so festive and fun.  Any shorts you choose will do though.  Shoes are up to you based on what you plan on doing.  Tennis shoes are always a safe option.  Of course sunglasses complete any summer outfit.  These flag sunglasses are so festive plus they are heart shaped.  For hair ideas I would choose a braid or a simple ponytail.  I hope you enjoyed my ideas.  If you want more posts like this then let me know.

Pineapple Tank: Buy Here
American Flag Shorts: Buy Here
Red Keds: Buy Here
American Flag Heart Sunglasses: Buy Here