Monday, September 30, 2013

♥September Favorites♥

Can you believe September is over already?  I feel like it went SO fast!  I can't wait to tell you guys all about what I've been loving this month.  I'm also so happy that Fall is here!  I want to know your favorites too!  Tell me in the comments!

My first favorite song is Piano by Ariana Grande.  Honestly I've been playing this entire album over and over since I bought it.  It is AMAZING!  This song is one of my favorites because it is upbeat and fun.  It reminds me of how Mariah Carey sounded in the 90's.  Go buy this album!  Trust me you won't be disappointed.

My second song is Roar by Katy Perry.  This song is my anthem.  I've always been a big fan of Katy Perry and I am loving her new music.  This song just makes me feel so empowered.  The message is all about standing up for yourself and letting yourself be heard.  I can't wait for this album!

My last song is Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.  I honestly love this song!  I am not a fan of hers at all but this song is so good.  I don't like the video though.  The song is just so powerful and emotional.  The lyrics are amazing!  Her new music is actually really good but then she goes crazy and ruins it.

TV Show:
Now that Fall has arrived all my TV shows are back.  Since most just started it is hard to pick a favorite.  So I'm sharing one I've been watching on Netflix.  It is Parenthood and I'm obsessed!  It's about a family and how they deal with life.  I cry every episode.  I can relate because me and my sisters put my mom through a lot.  If you want to know current shows I'm watching then follow my twitter @jerica_89.

I love the movie Now You See Me!  This movie literally blew my mind!  I've always loved magic so I knew I'd love it.  I thought I had it all figured out and then I just couldn't believe the end!  I just sat there in awe afterwards.  Trust me you guys will love this film.  I keep watching over and over just to find clues.

Everytime it gets close to Halloween I buy these peanut butter kisses.  They are so good!  A lot of people hate them but I'm obsessed.  If you've never had them it is pretty much like taffy.  It tastes like you a just eating straight up peanut butter.  It's wonderful.

I've been obsessed with this video.  It's about what a Twitter conversation would sound like in real life.  It is so funny.  I love anything Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake do together.  My favorite line from this is #lololololololololololol

As you guys know I'm addicted to YouTube.  Recently I discovered a new channel that I love.  It is the Sacconejoly channel.  They do daily vlogs and are from Ireland.  I've only been watching for about a week but I can't stop watching.  Plus their daughter is SO cute!

Nail Polish:
A few days ago I was shopping and I saw this nail polish line.  This is the Glosstini line by Covergirl.  They are all based on tropical drinks.  I know these are more spring and summer colors but I love these.  My favorite colors are the green and purple.

This months quote is from Grey's Anatomy.  It is "We're all gonna die. We don't get much say over how or when. But we do get to decide how we're gonna live. So do it. Decide. Is this the life you wanna live? Is this the person you wanna love?"  I just love this because nobody really thinks about their life like we should.  It really makes you think.

I really didn't have that many moments this month.  My favorite moment was just hanging out with my younger sister. She's in high school and we didn't really get along before.  So lately we've just been hanging out.  It's pretty nice though.