Monday, May 9, 2016

My 2016 Summer Nail Polish Colors

Hey everybody!  I'm SO glad that summer is coming very soon.  I've been into painting my nails lately so I went shopping for the perfect colors.  I found six colors that I will be wearing all summer long.  What is your go to nail polish?

This is Chillato by Essie.  It's a pistachio green color.  I fell in love with this color last year and then I forgot to buy it.  I'm glad I finally have it.

This is Peach Side Babe by Essie.  I also fell in love with this color last year.  It's the perfect coral peachy color.  This will look excellent with a tan!

This is Skylark by Sinful Colors.  I'm OBSESSED with this color!!!!  This is a peach color.  I picked it out the second I saw it.

This is Mint 2 B Cool by Sinful Colors.  This is a light blue/aqua color.  I never really go for colors like this so I went out of my comfort zone.  I think it will look great.

This is Let's Talk by Sinful Colors.  I love shiny colors so I obviously needed this.  It's a dark purple color,  I will probably put glitter with this.

This is Innocent by Sinful Colors.  It's a neon green color.  I love neon especially during summer.  It makes you look more tan.