Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DWTS All Star: And The Winner Is...

This is it you guys!!!  Tonight we find out who the winner is!  Tonight the couples dance their final dance together.  Since this is the finale all the celebrities from this season opened the show with a huge dance number.  I loved it!  It was so fun and energetic.  It was a great way to begin the show.  The judges choose to see Shawn's freestyle again.  It was my favorite from last night.  The final 3 choose their Instant Dance style and music.  Kelly chose the Jive to the song Cat and Mouse.  Melissa chose the Samba to the song Life Is A Highway.  Shawn chose the Cha Cha to the song Respect.  Bristol, Pamela and Helio danced again.  Drew danced again but this time with his daughter.  It was adorable!  Team Gangnam Style performed next. It featured Kirstie, Emmett, Joey, and Gilles.  Joey replaced Kelly who was in the original.  Joey performed a Back to the Future routine.  It was AMAZING!  I'm so sad he didn't win.  Sabrina performed again.  Team Call Me Maybe performed next.  It featured Apollo, Sabrina, Helio, and Drew.  Helio and Drew replaced Shawn and Melissa who were in the original routine.  Kirstie and Gilles performed again.  Apollo and Emmet danced again.  Kelly performed her Instant Jive and her score was 28.5.  Melissa performed her Instant Samba and her score was 28.5.  Shawn performed her Instant Cha Cha and her score was 30.  The results were next.  In third place is Kelly.  I wasn't shocked by this at all.  In second place is Shawn.  This means Melissa is the first ever All Star winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!  I hope you all enjoyed my blogging.  I'll be back next season!  Please subscribe!