Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DWTS All Star: Double Elimination

Last night the celebrities danced 2 dances.  The first was dedicated to the veterans and the second was a trio dance.  Tonight is a double elimination.  Kylie Minogue started the show by singing Locomotion while the troupe danced.  I loved it!  It's one of my favorite songs.  Melissa and Shawn are safe.  The cast of Newsies performed next.  I love musicals so I really enjoyed it.  NeYo performed Let Me Love You.  I'm obsessed with this song.  The performance was very high energy.  Kelly is safe.  Kirstie is the first eliminated.  Celebrities will be choosing a dance style and theme for each other.  Next weeks theme is Michael Jackson.  Melissa got the Caveman Hustle.  Shawn got the Knight Rider Bhangra.  Gilles got the Mad Monk Merengue.  Apollo got Big Top Jazz.  Emmett got the Espionage Lindy Hop.  Kelly got the Surfer Flamenco.  Ballerina dancers gave a beautiful performance.  It was amazing.  Emmett and Apollo are safe.  Gilles is the second eliminated.  I wasn't shocked by either elimination.