Friday, November 9, 2012

Music Friday: Your Body

It's Friday!!!!!!!  This week went so fast but I'm very glad it is Friday.  Before I share this weeks song I want to tell you about some things that will be coming on this blog.  Tuesday the new One Direction album finally comes out!!!!  I will have a full review up on that day.  Starting the Friday after Thanksgiving I'll be starting Music Friday: Christmas Edition.  So every Friday instead of a favorite song it will be my Christmas songs.  Lastly I want to know what you guys want me to blog about.  Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet or email.  Just click the contact tab above to find all my information.  Follow my blog and I'll love you forever.  Now it's time for today's share.  I've been so addicted to this song lately.  It is Your Body by Christina Aguilera.  I'm so glad she is putting out new music.  I'm still debating if I'll buy her album though.  I hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!!!