Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jerica's Chatter: Justin Bieber

Hey guys!  I love following celebrity news and I always have an opinion about pretty much everything.  So I decided to start this new series called Jerica's Chatter.  Let me know how often you want me to post and what topics I should talk about.  Today's topic is Justin Bieber.  The media has been all over him recently for absolutely everything.  Now I've been a Bieber fan from the very beginning and I am still a huge fan.  I was 20 when I first saw his video for One Time and I was instantly hooked.  I'm now almost 24 and I'm so confused why the entire world picks on him.  A lot of parents viewed him as a role model for their children but guess what he is just a child too.  When I was growing up I idolized Britney Spears.  When she started becoming "risky" my mom made sure I knew what was right and wrong.  I still bought her music but I knew my morals.  Justin Bieber has so much pressure on him and it isn't fair.  People are constantly just waiting for him to make a mistake.  Everything he is doing right now is just a part of growing up.  When I was 19 I did stupid things too.  Nobody is perfect no matter how hard they try.  You should respect the music and all he does for different charities around the world.  We teach kids not to bully people but that is exactly what is happening to Bieber right now.  Just let him be a kid and create good music.  There are much bigger problems in the world to worry about.