Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Weekly Obsession!

I love this time of year for multiple reasons.  One thing I love is all the holiday treats.  I'm a sucker and always buy them.  That's what happened this week.  My weekly obsession is........Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy Cookies!  I LOVE hot chocolate!  It is my obsession during winter.  So when I saw these in the store I immediately grabbed them.  I can't get over how much it tastes like hot chocolate!  It has little marshmallow and chocolate chips in it plus a chocolate gooey filling.  The cool part is that you can warm them up so it tastes even more real!  I'll be honest I haven't tried them warm because I'm afraid I'll burn them.  The are good without being warm though.  I limit myself and only eat two every night.  They are limited edition so go try them!  What is your weekly obsession?