Monday, December 28, 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!  I sure did!  Today I thought I'd share what presents I got this year.  I love these posts and videos because I find it interesting.  I hope you enjoy it!  What was your favorite gift?

My older sister bought me this picture frame.  I love pictures so this is perfect.  This frame is cool because each frame is a different texture.  I really like this!  Now I just need to figure out where to hang it and what to put in it.

My little sister got me these light up letters of my initials.  I've loved these for awhile but it's not something you buy for yourself.  I was very happy when I opened them.  Also they run on batteries so I love that.

She also bought me wax melts that are cupcake scented.  You guys know that cupcakes are my obsession so that was a good choice.

My mom got me this shirt.  If you have read my past posts then you'll know I'm obsessed with these workout tops.  All mine are short sleeve so I'm glad it's long sleeve.  They are by Danskin and so comfortable.  It makes people think you have worked out but you really didn't.

She also got me these leggings.  I'm OBSESSED!  I love colorful and crazy things so these are perfect!  She knows me well.

She also bought me these solar dancing festive toys.  If you read my posts you'll know I have an entire shelf of these things.  They just make me so happy!  Plus they are super cute!

Lastly she got me a lava lamp!!!!!!  I've been asking for one for probably 4 years and it finally happened!  I had one when I was 13 but then I got rid of it because I thought they were uncool.  Now I have one again and I'm very happy!  I know I'm a hippie but I don't care.