Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DWTS Season 17: Who Is The Winner?

Tonight we find out the winner!  The show opened with a big dance number featuring the entire cast.  It was a lot of fun.  Enrique Iglesias performed his new single Heart Attack.  I really like that song.  The encore dance was of course Amber's freestyle.  It was even better tonight!  Team FoxingAwesome performed their team dance while Ylvis sang What Does The Fox Say.  I love this dance!  The female pros did a dance together which was very good.  Bill Nye is back!  It was still a hot mess but who doesn't love that.  Elizabeth danced again.  Brant and Christina did a routine together with their partners.  It was very good!  Valerie also danced a new routine while Colbie Caillat sang.  She did pretty well.  Snooki danced next.  I just love her!  Lady Antebellum performed their new single Compass.  Leah danced next.  Bill was next which made me feel happy.  Next up is the fusion dances.  Corbin is first dancing the Cha Cha/Foxtrot.  I liked it but it was mostly Cha Cha.  It needed more Foxtrot.  His score was 27 out of 30.  Jack is next dancing the Paso Doble/Salsa.  It was very good!  They kept switching back and forth.  I was impressed.  His score was 27 out of 30.  Lastly Amber danced the Samba/Quickstep.  I loved it!  They made it look so easy.  It was flawless.  Her score was 30 out of 30.  Now it's the results!  In third place is Jack,  The runner up is Corbin.  THE WINNER IS................AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!