Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DWTS Season 19 Results: Who's Jam Just Didn't Make The Cut?

Tonight is another elimination!  The show started with a group routine by the female pros.  They are killing it this season!  Lea, Randy, and Betsey are safe.  Next Nico and Vinz performed their hit Am I Wrong.  They are really good and I love the song.  Tommy and Jonathan are safe.  Michael is in danger.  I wasn't shocked by this because he had the lowest score last night.  The encore dance is Janel's Foxtrot.  This wouldn't have been my choice but it was ok.  Janel and Bethany are safe.  Sadie is in danger.  I'm a bit shocked but last night wasn't her best.  Sia performed her hit Chandelier.  I personally hate this song but Maddie from Dance Mom's performed to it so I enjoyed that.  Next weeks guest judge will be Kevin Hart.  It is also Movie Night next week.  Julianne Hough is dancing with the male pros!  I wish she would dance more because it was AMAZING!  Alfonso and Antonio are safe.  Tavis is in danger.  Again he didn't do so well last night.  The celebrity that is eliminated is Tavis.  This means Sadie and Michael will be back next week.