Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DWTS Season 19 Results: Who Is The First Victim?

Tonight is the first elimination of the season.  Who will be the first to go?  We will soon find out!  The show started with a group dance by the female pros.  It was SO good!  Antonio and Tavis are safe.  The first person in danger is Betsey.  I'm not too surprised due to the boa malfunction that messed up her dance.  Next there was an encore of Alfonso's Jive.  This was by far my favorite dance last night and it was even better tonight!  Janel and Randy are safe.  Michael is the next person in danger.  Again I was expecting this because he wasn't that great last night.  Aloe Blacc and Smokey Robinson performed My Girl.  This is one of my all time favorite songs and I LOVED this version!  Alfonso, Sadie, and Bethany are safe.  Lea is in danger.  I'm shocked by this because I really liked her dance.  The new pros showed off their moves.  I loved this because it shows their individual styles.  Tommy and Jonathan are safe.  Lolo is in danger.  I saw this coming.  Her dance was the worst of the night by far.  The results are in.  The first celebrity eliminated is Lolo.  This means Lea, Michael, and Betsey are will be back next week.  I'm glad because she was terrible.  Are you guys glad with the results?  Let me know!