Monday, January 25, 2016

My First Etsy Purchase!

I have wanted a charm bracelet for YEARS!!  I refuse to spend $100+ so I went to Etsy.  I've heard good things but I've always been nervous to buy from them.  I did my research and found the store called Okrrah.  I fell in love!!  For $35 you get 10 charms and any colored crystals you want.  So I put want I wanted and in less than a week it arrived!!!!!!!  I thought I would show you my bracelet and tell you all about the charms I chose.

Here it is!!!!!!!!  Isn't it beautiful?  I've been wearing it nonstop!  I picked pink and hot pink crystals because it's my favorite color.  Now I'll tell you the charms from left to right.  What charms would you choose?

Cupcake-I'm obsessed with sweets especially cake
Mickey Key-I love Disney so I wanted something to represent that
Film Reel-Movies and plays are my passion
Infinity-I just love this symbol because it has many meanings
Sunglasses-I LOVE sunglasses so I needed that charm
Peace Sign-I'm a hippie at heart
Music Note-I play music 24/7 and it's my life
Elephant-This is my favorite animal EVER!
J-I don't need to say why
Sea Turtle-I love the ocean and sea turtles fascinate me