Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DWTS All Star: Another Elimination

The show kicked off with a dance from the troupe.  It was really good.  Shawn, Kelly, and Sabrina are safe. Bristol is in danger.  She really improved last night.  Carson Kressley is back!!  I just love him.  He showed some behind the scenes footage of the stars.  The Macy's stars of dance was so good!  I loved all the tricks. Gilles and Emmett are safe.  Apolo is in danger.  I know there was a mess up but he is amazing.  Cheryl Burke performed a Cha Cha with friends she trained with since her childhood.  I loved it!  Melissa is safe.  Kirstie is in danger.  They did have the lowest score last night.  Donnie Osmond and Susan Boyle performed the song This is the Moment together.  I actually liked it.  Next week there is a team freestyle dance.  There are no rules.  Shawn and Gilles are team captains.  Gilles team will be dancing to Gangnam Style.  On his team is Kelly, Kirstie, Emmett.  Shawn's team will be dancing to Call Me Maybe.  On her team is Sabrina, Melissa, and Apolo.  Apolo and Kirstie are safe.  Bristol is eliminated.  Next week nobody is going home and it's guilty pleasure week.