Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DWTS All Stars: Double Eviction

It is results time again.  Two All Star couples will be exiting the ballroom tonight.  The first hour replayed all of last nights dances.  Just in case you had missed anything.  The result show started with the judges choosing to see Shawn's dance again.  I loved that dance SO much.  Melissa, Gilles, and Emmett are safe.  Kirstie is in danger.  I really didn't love her dance so I'm not shocked.  Lacey Schwimmer and Kyle Massey danced a jive together while Frank Marino sang.  It was very very good.  Shawn, Apolo, and Kelly are safe.  Drew is in danger.  I really liked his dance plus I just love him.  Drew is the first to leave the ballroom tonight.  Last night a twist was revealed.  The All Stars must pick dances for each other to perform next week.  Some have never been on the show.  Gilles got Bollywood.  Sabrina got Disco.  Shawn got the Mambo.  Emmett got Bolero.  Apolo got Hip Hop.  Melissa got the Jitterbug.  Kelly got Contemporary.  Helio got Broadway.  Kirstie got the Charleston.  Bristol got Rock and Roll.  I'm very excited for these dances!  The spotlight performance was about a boy tap danced in subways to get money for college.  I loved it!  Karmin performed a medley of Brokenhearted and Hello.  I love these guys a lot.  Bristol is safe.  Sabrina and Helio are in danger.  Helio has been eliminated.