Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DWTS All Star: Elimination Time

Sorry this is up so late!  I was feeling sick but here it is.

The show started out with the dance that the judges wanted to see again.  They chose Apolo's dance.  I really loved this dance so I'm glad it was picked.  Nobody will be going home next week due to the presidential election.  Emmett and Kelly are safe.  Jason Mraz performed his hit song I Won't Give Up.  I'm not sure why he performed on country week but I still love him.  Shawn, Gilles, and Kirstie are safe.  The Macy's Stars of Dance was next.  It was a French era theme and it was amazing! Fusion dances were chosen next.  This means 2 dance styles combined into one.  Emmett got Rumba/Samba.  Kelly got Cha Cha/Foxtrot.  Gilles got Argentine Tango/Samba.  Shawn got Tango/Paso Doble.  Melissa got Tango/Cha Cha.  Apolo got Cha Cha/Paso Doble.  Kirstie got Quickstep/Samba.  Sabrina got Tango/Foxtrot.  Taylor Swift performed We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.  Of course I loved it!  Melissa is safe leaving Apolo and Sabrina in danger.  Sabrina is eliminated.