Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Q & A Wednesday

It's Wednesday!!!  That means Q & A time has arrived again.

1.) Mood:
Great :)

2.) What color is your hair?
Medium brown

3.) Favorite movie genre?
I really love romantic comedies

4.) Last show you watched?:
Abby Lee Miller Ultimate Dance Competition

5.) Last concert you attended?
Taylor Swift last year but I'm trying to go to Justin Bieber in a few weeks

6.) Current outfit:
Mustard yellow striped sweater and ripped jeans with uggs

7.) What did you buy last?
Rock of Ages DVD and groceries

8.) Last song you listened to?
Stare At You by NKOTB It is one of my favorites.

9.) How is the weather?
It's actually been really cold lately.  

10.) Weekly goals:
Relax now that midterms are over