Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Red by Taylor Swift

Hi everybody!  Yesterday Taylor Swift's brand new album Red came out.  I'm HUGE fan and have been since she started out.  I thought I'd do an album review for you guys.  I'm already obsessed with it!  Younger fans might not like it because they won't understand the meanings.  I think it's her best yet personally.  If you have the album already, tell me what your favorite song is or just your favorite Taylor Swift song in general.  Also if you want me to do any other reviews let me know.  Subscribe if you enjoy my blog.

  1. State of Grace-This songs sets the tone for the whole album.  It's a very different sound but it fits her.
  2. Red-I honestly love this song.  It describes exactly how love feels.
  3. Treacherous-This song is about relationships being hard but liking the challenge.  Nothing in life is easy especially love.
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble-Everybody can relate to this song.  There's always that one guy you know is bad for you but you go for him anyway.  Girls love bad boys!
  5. All Too Well-This song is about both people remembering the relationship they had together.  Both thinking of all the memories.  It really is how relationships go.  I just love how real and honest she is in her songs.
  6. 22-I probably relate to this song the most.  I just turned 23 in July and at this age everybody thinks you should know what you want to do with your life.  The truth is we don't.  This is about just enjoying 22 and not worrying about who you're supposed to be.
  7. I Almost Do-This song is about that one ex you know you should move on from but can't stop thinking about them.  You want to just call them so bad but you don't.  It's a great song.
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together-Obviously this is this years break up anthem.  I love how it's fun and upbeat sounding though.  Taylor always has the best break up songs and this one is no different.
  9. Stay Stay Stay-This is my favorite song.  It is such a cute song!  It's about that boy who makes you so crazy but you love him.  You just want him to stay with you forever.
  10. The Last Time (feat. Gary Lightbody)-I love Snow Patrol so this song is so good.  I like that she is doing more duets.
  11. Holy Ground-I really love this song.  I love the beat of it a lot.  
  12. Sad Beautiful Tragic-This song is a little to slow for my liking.  It is a great song though.
  13. The Lucky One-This song is about dreaming of fame but then once you have it you realize it isn't so glamorous.  I really like this song.  I love how she doesn't pretend that fame isn't exactly how she imagined.
  14. Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran)-If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I'm obsessed with Ed Sheeran right now.  I love this song!  Only thing I'd change is more Ed Sheeran solos.  This song is about that one person that just changes your life.  You instantly think of that person while listening to it.
  15. Starlight-This is one of my favorite songs.  It's all about dreaming and being with the boy who encourages that.  It's just a cute and fun song.
  16. Begin Again-There is always one song on her albums that I instantly love.  This is that song.  I can't stop listening to it.  This song is about believing in love again.  Just because a guy was a jerk doesn't mean all guys will be.