Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DWTS All Stars: Next Celebrity Eliminated

It's time for the another celebrity must exit the ballroom.  For the first hour the judges picked the defining dance for each celebrity from their season.  Each celebrity commented through the dance chosen.  The judges chose to see Sabrina's Quickstep again.  It was my favorite dance last night and even better tonight.  It's time to announce who is safe or in danger.  Drew, Sabrina, and Emmett are safe.  Joey is in danger.  I'm honestly shocked.  He was amazing last night.  Next week the celebrity's get full control over the dance.  It is also going to be a double elimination.  Two All Stars will be leaving the ballroom.  British singer Cher Lloyd performed her single Want U Back.  If you follow my blog, then you'll know I love this song.  I featured it on Music Friday a few weeks back.  Her performance was really good.  I loved the circus theme.  The Macy's Stars of dance was up next.  I really really liked it.  It was a lot like Westside Story which two different sides.  The troupe performed and I actually liked it.  Lacey and Benji Schwimmer also joined them.  I've never really liked the troupe.  Shawn, Kirstie, and Bristol are safe.  Kelly is in danger.  I'm very surprised Bristol is safe because she had the lowest score last night.  Katherine Jenkins sang a duet with Plácido Domingo to the song Come What May.  It was beautiful.  I just love her. She should have won her season.  Gilles, Melissa, and Apolo are safe.  Helio is the final celebrity in danger.  The fans love him so it's surprising.  Kelly is safe leaving it between Joey and Helio.  Joey is eliminated.  I'm so upset!  I was totally Team Fatone!!!  It is the All Stars though.