Friday, February 1, 2013

Be Mine Series: Decorate Your Room

Welcome to my first ever Valentine's Day series!!!!  I'm excited to share it with you guys.  Every day through Valentine's Day there will be a new post.  It will include recipes, gift guides, date ideas, and more.  Today is all about getting in the spirit.  I love to decorate my room based on whichever holiday is coming up.  Valentine's Day is the easiest because the decorations can be left up all year.  I'm going to share some inexpensive ways to make your room more festive.

1. String of Lights:
This is my favorite decoration.  You can add a string of lights around your window or the headboard.  Some stores actually sell heart shaped lights.  If you you don't want to spend any extra money though you can use what you already have.  Use red or white Christmas lights instead.

2. Window Clings:
This is always my go to item when I'm decorating.  They are super cheap too.  I usually buy mine at the dollar store.  It's so easy to do and a way to be creative.  It will make you feel very festive too.

3. Pillows and Throws:
You can never have enough pillows and blankets.  Some beds can cause your holiday decorations to clash.  So why not just change it up too.  Buy a pink or read throw blanket along with a few heart pillows.  Depending on where you shop will determine the price.  It just gives your an extra Valentine's touch.

4. Picture Heart:
I've been seeing this all over Pinterest lately.  This can be left up no matter what time of the year it is.  All you need to do is print off a bunch of a bunch of your favorite pictures.  It depends on how big you want your heart to be on how many pictures you'll need.  After you have all your pictures printed you need to arrange them on a flat surface into a heart shape.  Once you have your arrangement start taping them on to the wall  exactly the same way.  You final product should be like this:

I hope you all enjoyed my decorating tips!  Check back tomorrow for more!!  Let me know which ones you do.