Thursday, February 28, 2013

♥February Favorites♥

Can you guys believe that February is already over?  This year is going so fast!  It's time to tell all of you my monthly favorites.  I want to know what you guys were loving too!  Let me know below!

You've probably noticed by now that I'm addicted to music.  I narrowed it down to three which was so hard.  I bought tons of new music this month.

The first song is I Would by Justin Bieber.  If you haven't bought the acoustic album yet then you are missing out!!!!  It is so amazing!  This is my favorite though.

My next song is One Way Or Another by One Direction.  This is probably no surprise.  I did a whole blog post on it.  I've had both the song and video on repeat for days!  If you haven't bought it yet, go buy it and support a great cause.

The last song is Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding.  I first heard this song when Fifth Harmony performed it on X Factor and loved it.  Then I heard it on Glee so I finally bought it.  I can't stop playing it now.  Check out the other versions I mentioned too.

TV Show:

I've been watching Revenge since season 1 and I was instantly addicted.  It isn't typically a show that I'd watch but my grandma said I should.  This season has been so crazy!  I can't wait for the next episode.  It has tons of drama and lies.  Plus I kind of have a crush on Josh Bowman.  You can catch up on the show on Netflix or Hulu.  You won't be disappointed!


I saw so many movies this month.  I'm addicted to movies.  My favorite was by far Safe Haven.  I went to see it with my mom and younger sister for Valentine's Day.  I read the book back in high school and I loved it.  I love Nicholas Sparks so I was glad another movie came out.  The movie is about Katie and how she is starting a new life in a new town.  It is very good.  Be warned you will cry!  I'm actually re-reading the book right now.


I'm in LOVE with these Dark Chocolate Pretzel Slims from Trader Joe's.  I'm not a fan of Dark Chocolate at all.  When my friend offered me one I honestly didn't think I'd like them.  I was surprised at how delicious they were!  It is the perfect mixture of sweet and salty.  I am now hooked.

I had been hearing of Tumblr for awhile before I finally joined.  I probably joined in October of last year but I've recently had an unhealthy obsession.  I check it at least every half hour.  If you don't know what Tumblr is, it's basically a picture and video blog.  You post many GIFS and pretty much anything you want.  If you want to follow of just check out mine then Click Here.  Be warned it was about 99% focused on One Direction.

YouTube Video:
If you've followed this blog for awhile then you know I may have a slight obsession for YouTube.  This month I discovered the Harlem Shake videos.  I can't stop watching!  They are so funny!  I don't have a favorite because honestly I love them all.  I want to do my own but I haven't yet.


This quote is actually from my Tumblr.  I fell in love with this right away!  Everybody should live by it.  We can't just live out lives waiting for the right moment.  Get out there and just do it!  If I kept waiting for a perfect moment then I wouldn't be writing this blog right now.

Every month I pick my favorite moment that happened.  Mostly so at the end of the year I can look back and remember.  Valentine's Day was my favorite this month.  It was an awesome day.  I had lunch with my grandma who gave me conversation hearts.  My grandpa gave a heart full of chocolates.  Then my mom made me cupcakes plus had a bouquet of cookies sent to me.  My older sister baked me cookies.  And lastly I got a teddy bear and a singing Justin Bieber from my friend.  I loved it.

Looking Ahead:
I've decided to add what I'm looking forward to next month.  This will also let you guys know what I'll be doing.  It is going to be a very busy month.  I'm seeing Maroon 5 on Sunday front row!  Plus I'm going to see Taylor Swift on opening night for her Red tour!  That's just a tiny preview of how my March will be.  Don't worry I'll bring you all along with me.