Friday, February 22, 2013

Music Friday: Kiss Me

Happy Friday everybody!!!  Can it please just be summer already?  We just had a massive snowstorm in my area and I hate it.  Luckily it's Friday though so that makes it a little better.  Today's share is one of my favorite songs EVER!  I'm obsessed with it!  It's is Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran.  Awhile back I shared my obsession with him and I love him even more now.  I get to see him live in 3 weeks when he opens up for Taylor Swift's Red tour.  I love all of Ed Sheeran's music.  I mostly discovered him because of One Direction.  His lyrics are so meaningful and genuine.  This song is so beautiful and gives hope.  If you guys have any recommendations, let me know!  Have an awesome weekend!