Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Series 2014: DIY Inspirational Quote Canvas

Hello everybody!  This week I decided to try out my Pinterest skills.  Not every day is sunny during the summer.  Instead of being bored on a rainy day, why not get crafty.  I told you guys I would be posting this series every Saturday morning.  Well, if you haven't noticed it isn't Saturday.  I had a bit of a mess up and had to start over.  Don't worry I will be back on schedule next week.  I promise!  Send me pictures on Twitter @jerica_89 if you attempt this project.

What You'll Need:
- Blank Canvas
- Different Colored Paint
- Large Paint Brush
- Your Favorite Quote
- Stencils

Step 1:
First you'll need to cover your floor with newspaper.  Since there is paint involved you need to protect your carpet.  You could do this outside if it is nice out.  I got this canvas from my younger sister because she does art projects all the time.  You can buy a bigger canvas though.

Step 2:
Next you'll want to create a background on your canvas.  I chose to do dots but you can do anything.  I just took different colored paint and squirted it directly on the canvas.  This gives it more texture.  I did different size dots as well.  Then sit it aside to dry.

Step 3:
Now you'll need to think of your favorite quote.  It can be inspirational or just something that suits your personality.  Next put your stencils on the canvas.  You'll want to lay it out to make sure everything is even and lined up.  I used stencils that had a slightly sticky back so they won't slide around during the next step.

Step 4:
Using your large paint brush, paint over your entire canvas a solid color.  I chose black because I wanted the dots to pop out more.  Depending on what your background is you can choose any solid color that fits it.  I did two coats of black.  Let it dry overnight.

Step 5:
Peel off your stencils carefully.  Then you are left with this!  I love this quote because music is my life.