Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: Which Fictional ’90s Girl Is Your BFF?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  This is one of my favorite holidays.  I hope you all stay safe as well!  Today's quiz is all about the 90's...again.  I just really love the 90's!  It's called Which Fictional ’90s Girl Is Your BFF?  I can't wait to see who I get because let's be honest the 90's had a lot of great BFF's.  You can take the quiz with me here.

I got Romy and Michele from Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion.  The description says: You, Romy, and Michele would become an inseparable trio thanks to your shared love of pop culture, fashion, and FUN. Could you imagine any two people more awesome to hang out with? You’d make crazy clothes, marathon old TV shows, and take amazing road trips. Watch out Tuscon, here we come!

This pretty much describes me and my cousin.  She is honestly my BFF!  We have actually done all three things mentioned.  Who did you get?  Let me know!!!