Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pretty Little Liars TAG!

Hey guys!  I am OBSESSED with the show Pretty Little Liars!!!  I never miss an episode!  I saw this tag on YouTube and knew I had to do it.  I have so many theories and thoughts to share.  I want to know what you guys are thinking too!  We can have our own discussion.  Also if you aren't caught up be aware there may be some spoilers.

1. Which girl's style do you love the most? Which girl do you relate to the most?
I love Aria's style!  It is so bold and completely different than my style.  My style is probably most like Hanna's.  I tend to wear more girly stuff like her.  I definitely wish I could pull off Aria's though.

2. Why do the girls keep seeing Alison? Do you think there's something more behind it?
I honestly think she is alive.  I think she wants the girls to do all the work for her so that she seems dead.  Or it could be her twin.  Or maybe it's all been a dream this whole time.  There are so many possibilities!!!

3. Who's your crush on the show? ;)
Ezra!  He is so cute and totally my type.  I wish my high school teacher's were that cute.

4. Who is your least favorite character? (Out of the 4 girls and overall)
Out of the girls my least favorite is Emily.  I just don't like her story line.  She always puts herself in situations that she doesn't need to.  Like dating Mya's "cousin", you could tell right away he was a liar.  Overall my least favorite is Melissa.  She is so fishy and shady.  I don't trust her at all.

5. What was the biggest shocking moment for you?
Finding out Toby was A.  When he turned around my jaw dropped open.  I couldn't believe it!!  I felt bad immediately for Spencer though.

6. Do you think Toby is really dead?
No.  All we saw were tattoos but no face.  I don't think they'd get rid of him that easily.

7. What would you do if A was after YOU?!
I would FREAK out!!!  I'd probably never leave my house.  I've always wanted to be a spy so maybe I'd be like Spencer and figure clues out.

8. Who is your favorite character?
I love Hanna.  She is just so funny and sarcastic.  She reminds me so much of myself.

9. Who you think is behind The A Team?
I've always thought CeCe was part of it but now I'm not sure.  Mona is clearly in charge though.  I don't trust Paige either.

10. Who do you ship?
I really like Ezra and Aria together.  They are just so cute together.  My favorite couple though is Hanna and Caleb.  He really loves her.

11. Most memorable cheesy/stupid moment in the show?
This entire show is cheesy!  The most memorable part for me happened on the latest Halloween episode.  First of all I'd never get on a train costume party when a killer is after me!  You are just setting yourself up!

12. Favorite villain?
Mona!  She is so convincing and you never know what is actually true.

13. Who do you predict will or might become a villain?
Melissa knows something for sure!  She can't be trusted.

14. Which girl do you think has been hurt the most by A?
Spencer most definitely.  I mean her boyfriend worked for A!  It doesn't get much worse.