Sunday, March 31, 2013

♥March Favorites♥

Happy Easter everybody!!  I've been waiting all month for this post!  I have many things to share.  March went by super fast.  It was also very busy this month.  I had concerts, fundraisers, and just a bunch of other stuff but it was all fun.  Make sure to tell me your favorites too!


The first song is Say Somethin by Austin Mahone.  You guys why have I never heard of him before?  He's AMAZING!  I hope he has an album out soon.  I also love his song Just A Friend.  If you are a fan of Bieber then you'll love him.

The next song is I Love It by Icona Pop.  I'm OBSESSED with this song!  I first heard this song while at the Taylor Swift concert.  We heard this song and immediately looked it up.  I've been hooked ever since.

The last song is Mirrors by Justin Timberlake.  I love the entire album.  I just can't stop playing this song!  The video is so good too!  You might even cry watching it because I almost did.  I just love him.

TV Show:

I'm so glad Fashion Star is back!  I've loved this show since last year and so it's even better this year.  Fashion Star features up and coming designers trying to get their clothes sold in major stores.  Each week has a new theme and the buyers decide what gets sold.  The three buyers are Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Express.  The best part is the next day you can actually buy the clothes from the show at those stores.  I haven't yet but I want to.


I have no words for this movie.  It is so amazing.  I only knew a little bit about the movie before I watched it.  I was crying by the end.  It is very emotional.  The entire movie is singing so if you don't like musical this isn't for you.  I highly recommend this if you enjoy musicals though.


I was obsessed with these Fish McBites from McDonalds this month!  I'm so sad these are only out for limited time.  I usually got the regular size.  It's just the perfect amount.  There aren't too fishy either which I like.  Go try them!

This month I couldn't stop checking my horoscope.  I usually don't.  I'm the Cancer sign.  It's really fun to read unless it isn't a good one.

This is month I wore Fantasy by Britney spears everywhere!  This is my all time favorite perfume.  I've been using this for years.  It is a very sweet scent.  It reminds me of cupcakes.  I wear this day or night.  I just love her perfumes.

I'm in love with Tyler Oakley!  His videos are very entertaining and so funny.  I wish we were BFF's for real.  He actually responded to my comment on his video this month which made me so happy!  Go check out his channel!  He usually posts a video every Friday.


I am a Sims 3 fanatic!  I was so excited when Sims 3 University Life came out this month.  I can't stop playing though!  It is such an addicting game.  If you love Sims 3 then you will love this game.

Nail Polish:

This is my favorite Spring nail polish.  It is called My Lifesaver.  It's from the Justin Bieber line.  The minute March comes I wear it.  It is the perfect mint color.  I like that it isn't too bright.


This quote is perfect for this month.  I bought tons of music and explored new songs.  I listen to music every single day.  There is always a song to describe how you are feeling in that moment.  No matter what emotion you are feeling, music will always help.

I had so many great moments this month.  My favorite was going to Maroon 5.  I'm in love with Adam Levine.  Being that close to him was literally a dream.  It was amazing!