Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm A 90's Kid!!!

The 90's were so much fun!  Life was so much more simple back then.  This year I turn 24 so this is a look back at my childhood.  I grew up during the 90's so I thought it would be fun to this tag.  I can't believe how much stuff has changed since then.  I want all of you guys to answer too!  Tell me your answers in the comments!

1. Favorite Disney channel original movie?

Every month Disney Channel would have a new movie come out. I watched pretty much every one but I was obsessed with Motocrossed.  You might be surprised by this but my cousin was a motocross racer so we loved this movie.  Motocrossed is about a girl who loves racing but her dad says it's too dangerous.  When her twin brother gets hurt before competition she takes his place.  You know typical Disney.

2. Favorite music artist?

Music was so much better in the 90's!  I loved a bunch of people but I was obsessed with Spice Girls.  I had posters, dolls, the movie, and even the candy!  If they were on it I begged my mom for it!  I loved Baby Spice most.

3. Favorite Nick Jr. show?

I loved Nick Jr.!  Whenever I stayed home sick from school I'd watch it all day.  I really like Little Bear a lot but my favorite was Franklin.  I loved the books too.  Plus I'm obsessed with turtles.

4. Favorite candy?

The Wonder Ball!  I have no idea why we all went crazy over these but I did.  We would BEG my mom for these all the time!  Basically its a hallow ball of milk chocolate with sweet tart candy inside.  The best part though was the prize.  You either got a tattoo or sticker which is pretty cool.  I honestly miss these!

5. Favorite game? (board game, school game, etc.)

We played so many board games growing up.  I loved Trouble, Guess Who?, and Sorry!.  I really loved Life though.  Our whole family would play together which was fun.  A game I'd play all the time with my sister was called Boxes.  We had notebooks full of this.  Click Here to see how to play.

6. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal toy?

During the 90's McDonald's handed out happy meals in boxes except for Halloween time.  The happy meals came these pails so then you could take it trick or treating.  Of course I had to have this.  It's not technically a toy but still awesome.

7. Favorite book?

I loved these books so much!  I loved to read so I've probably read every book in the series.  Another series I loved was The Boxcar Children.  

8. Favorite clothing store?

I didn't really have a favorite store.  We shopped a lot at JcPenny because my mom worked there.  I wore lots of dresses though.  I didn't have a sense of style then.

9. What would you watch when you'd get home from school?

I loved ZOOM!  Every day I'd come home and watch.  My sister hated it.  It was a show that had games, recipes, jokes, and challenges.  It was all sent in by kids too.

10. Favorite TV Show?

Full House is my all time favorite show ever!  It's so funny and I loved Mary Kate and Ashley.  I still watch re-runs.  I wish more shows today were like it.

11. Favorite Toys?

I was OBSESSED with Polly Pockets!!!  I would do anything to get one.  I'd spend hours playing with them.  Today's Polly Pockets are not near as cool.  I still have all of mine that I had as a kid.

12. Favorite Commercials?

The Wonder Ball commercial was the best.  It is so catchy and totally makes you want to buy it.  It is now stuck in my head.

13. *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

I honest loved both but I liked Backstreet Boys more.  I had every CD, concert tapes, posters, and action figures.  This picture was on my 9th birthday cake.  I still love them!

14. Weirdest fashion trend?

Everybody in the 90's wore these choker necklaces.  I just didn't get it.  They were really tight and just weird.  Many people I knew wore them but I didn't.

15. Favorite collectibles?

My sister and were obsessed with Beadie Buddies.  We'd spend hours making them together.  Every time a new one came out we had to have it.  Some were super hard though.  My favorite was the dolphin.

16. Favorite Beanie Baby?
I wasn't really into the whole beanie baby trend.  I had a few but not many.  I did love Smoochy the frog though.

17. How many Tamagotchi's did you go through?

I think I only had one but I had tons of giga pets and nano babies.  They were SO addictive!  I hooked them all to my backpack and would always get in trouble by my teacher for playing with them.  My favorite was the Koala.

18. Favorite game system and game?

We had a Nintendo and a Super Nintendo.  I played the Super Nintendo more.  My favorite game was Donkey Kong.  I'd get so mad because I could never win!