Monday, October 20, 2014

4 DIY Halloween Costumes

Can you believe Halloween is only 2 weeks away?  If you are like me you probably haven't got a costume yet.  I can't justify spending $30 for only one night and never wear it again.  No worries!  I'm here to help you make a costume using clothing you already own.  These are just ideas that you can use a guide.  You can adapt it depending on what is in your closet.  If you try any of these tweet me a picture @jerica_89!  Let me know if you want more posts like this.

First up is Cleopatra.  All you need is a flowy white dress.  For shoes use gladiator sandals.  Gold is the best color but brown or black will work too.  Go crazy with the gold jewelry!  If you think its too much add more!  The most important is a big statement necklace.  To add some color go for turquoise earrings.  Straighten your hair and wear a gold headband across your forehead.  That's it!

This is my favorite option.  It's Minnie Mouse!  All you need is a red polka dot shirt and high waisted white shorts.  You could also wear a dress as long its red and polka dotted.  Add some black leggings to give more of a mouse effect.  For shoes you'll need yellow heels.  If you have Minnie ears then wear those.  If not wear a polka dotted bow in your hair.  You are now transformed!

Animal costumes are always a good option.  I chose to do a Panda.  All you need is a black and white shirt and some black jeans.  For shoes go with some black and white chucks.  Wear a panda hat and black gloves to finish off the look!

I love superheros!  My favorite is Captain America.  If you own a Captain America shirt wear that but if not wear a flag/american shirt.  Pair it with some dark blue jeans and red chucks.  For accessories wear flag sunglasses and a star read, white, and blue bow.