Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Movie Review: Gone Girl

It's been awhile since I've done a movie review.  Last night I went to see Gone Girl with my mom, grandma, and younger sister.  I was the only one of us who had read the book.  You can read my book review here.  I honestly didn't want to see this movie at first because I'm not a huge Ben Affleck fan.  A TON of people recommended it and I was curious to see how well they adapted to the book.  First off the casting was pretty perfect to how I pictured them while I read.  Each character was exactly true to the book.  It was also just as suspenseful and I already knew what was going to happen!  The adaptation wasn't as well as I hoped but I went in knowing it probably wouldn't be.  That is always my advice if I have read a book before I see the film.  Go in open minded because then you can't be disappointed.  Some details changed and some parts were left out but it was nothing major.  I only noticed because I had read it.  I should warn you that there are a couple of sex scenes but it only lasts a few seconds.  There is also a pretty graphic scene and if you are like me just close your eyes.  Overall, I did really enjoy the film.  I probably won't buy the DVD but I'm glad I went.  The book was SO much better in my opinion.  Isn't that usually the case?  Did you any of you see this movie?  Tell me your thoughts!